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Age and Pregnancy : Chances of Getting Pregnant

Age and Pregnancy : Chances of Getting Pregnant

Fertility naturally declines with the age. At every menstrual cycle, the eggs get mature and release during ovulation. But as women ages, the quality of eggs get poor. Thus, there is this common perception on our society that women should get married early and have kids at a younger age so that they don’t lose out to be a mother when they age more.

So, what’s the most fertile age for a woman?

Women are most fertile and have the highest chances of getting pregnant when they are in their 20s. This is the age when women have the highest numbers of good quality eggs available for the fertilization process. And thus, the chances of getting pregnant is higher and suffering from pregnancy-related risks is lower during this age period.

Does aging actually affect female fertility? How?

Yes, aging in women do affect their fertility; maybe not in all cases but in a mammoth number of cases it does! Most of the women over the age of 40 have fertility issues as the fertility began to decline after the mid-30s period. Apart from the regular conceiving and other pregnancy problems the risks of stillbirth, genetic abnormalities in the child, miscarriages, etc. also increase.

When to seek help?

Women who are in their late 30s or above that age and facing a problem with conceiving and getting pregnant must consult a fertility specialist.

An easy technique to get pregnant after the age of 40

Just because you have reached the age of 35 or 40, must not make you hopeless that you can’t give birth to a child. You can still conceive or have a baby of your own through fertility treatments such as IVF which can help you get pregnant even at 40!

Age and Pregnancy Chances of Getting Pregnant

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