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Important Guidelines Related to Online Female Fertility Consultation

Fertility awareness is very important for men as well as women. After trying for about more than a year, if any couple is unable to conceive the baby in a natural way, then it becomes crucial for them to visit some fertility specialist. The very first step taken towards a fertility clinic can be quite embarrassing as well as a crush for the patients. The patients become tensed and uneasy while visiting these doctors because they fear about what their society will say and don’t know how to react. Some even don’t have the courage to ask questions on personal level freely with the doctors as the mere presence of the doctor makes them nervous. Nowadays, with increasing technology, it has become very easy to consult the fertility specialist online, without taking a personal visit to the hospital. There are many different centres available that provide online help for fertility treatments. The ultimate goal of these centres is to provide stress-free procedures to patients. The main aim of these fertility centres is to help their patients in achieving a healthy pregnancy and make the journey of pregnancy hassle-free. Also, there are many fertility centres offering free phone support for fertility consultation for couples who are striving to achieve the knowledge related to their fertility journey. The phone calls between the experts and patients help them in knowing the detailed information regarding the fertility programs offered by the hospitals. Also, some centres provide forms, which need to be filled by the patients for online consultation.

What Is the Online Advice Provided for Fertility?

The couples, who have a regular physical relation without the use of any birth control techniques or pills, can get pregnant within a year. But out of 10 couples, 2 may not get pregnant with normal procedures. So, some of the tips and fertility advice are provided online by fertility specialists which help in increasing the chances of becoming pregnant.

Is It Important for You to Know the Ovulation Period?

Regular sex helps the women in becoming pregnant easily, but still, it is important to know the ovulation period. Women can become pregnant only when the male sperm meets the egg on the 14th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The life span of the sperm after reaching the uterus is only around 1 or 2 days. So, it is important to have sex during the ovulation window which is around 5-6 days; as in this period, there is the maximum possibility of becoming pregnant. Know your most fertile days to conceive.

How Are Vitamins Important?

Women, who are thinking of getting pregnant, should focus on the regular intake of vitamins and folic acid in order to increase their fertility. Vitamins and folic acid reduce the risk of having immature babies and miscarriages.

Why Must You Stop Smoking?

We all know that how much smoking affects the health of people. But a study found that smoking also reduces fertility in women. Also, smoking reduces sperm count of males; thus, reduces the chances of pregnancy.

Why Must You Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Studies have found that underweight women have chances of getting pregnant with unhealthy babies. Also, overweight women, above the age of 30, have lesser chances of getting pregnant. Fertility depends largely upon the body weight of the woman trying to conceive.

Why Must You Give up Alcohol?

Alcohol is very dangerous for the women who are trying to get pregnant. Chances of fertility reduce with regular drinking of alcohol in the normal diet. So, you should give up alcohol to increase your fertility.

What Is the Importance of Having Missionary Position?

There is no scientific proof about this, but it is said that missionary position helps the sperm travel through the cervix easily. Some women have the tilted uterus and this position helps them in achieving pregnancy.
What Are the General Questions That Arise during IVF Consultation?
The main goal of the fertility centres is to provide necessary help to the patients and solve the queries regarding fertility. They provide the best medical help, which involves treatments as well as counselling. When the patients are going to have their IVF consultations, then there are many things arising in the mind of patients, which have to be cleared during the first visits in order to have a clear vision of the treatment.

What Would Be the Initial Procedure?

If you are planning to go for the IVF treatment, then your IVF consultant will provide you with the detailed information regarding the procedure that they will conduct for the IVF treatment. At first, the doctors will conduct some tests on both the partners in order to know where the actual problem of infertility lies. During the online consultations, your consultant will first ask you to do the tests in nearby hospitals and send the reports of those tests to them. On the basis of the tests reports, your next consultation will be scheduled. Depending upon your results, some initial medication will be provided, which will include some fertility drugs to increase the ovulation of eggs per cycle in females as well increases the sperm count in males. Then, you have to visit the clinic in order to conduct the further treatment.

Is There Any Insurance for Success?

This is the most common question that arises in the minds of the couples going for IVF treatments. On the basis of your health conditions and age, the doctor will inform you the chances of success. No fertility specialist can give you the assurance of 100% success rate, but depending on the conditions, they will clear your doubts of success rate accordingly. They provide you with the honest opinion, which will help you to take your decision consequently.

What Is the Estimated Cost for the Treatment?

Usually, the treatment is conducted in many cycles in order to achieve the result. It is important for you to know the cost of the treatment beforehand for the every cycle. During your fertility consultation with the specialist, you will be made aware of the cost of each cycle, and accordingly, you can take the decision on your own.

What Is the Total Time of the Treatment?

This is a common question that arises in the minds of couples that – how much time they have to wait to achieve pregnancy? The treatment may take around 6 months to achieve pregnancy. But depending upon the complication, time may vary.

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