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Pregnancy after Menopause

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is a major hindrance in the process of conception. Due to menopause, the menses cease, results in the decrease of ovarian reserves, and leads to the failure in production of oocytes. Usually this happens with increasing age. However, there are other than natural causes which cause menopause.
Causes of Ovarian failure/Premature Menopause:
To overcome the obstacle created by these different reasons, Oocyte Donation is opted for in IVF.
Oocyte Donation Procedure:
Oocyte taken from the oocyte bank and fertilized with spermatozoa retrieved from the husband. The resultant embryo is then ready to be transferred into wife’s uterus. Before implantation, the uterus is prepared for embryo transfer. Hormone Replace Therapy (HRT) is used to resume menses. This ensures that the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) is ready for the transfer. Post this, the embryo is implanted into the uterus.

The solution to the barrier raised by menopause through IVF is Oocyte Donation which has a great success rate.

Fast Facts:

Signs of Menopause

Irregular periods.

Vaginal dryness.

Weight gain and slowed metabolism

Doctor Speaks


वेरिकोसिल म्हणजे पुरुषांच्या टेस्टिक्युलरमधील एका किंवा दोन्ही अंडकोषातील नसा वाढतात. हि स्थिती प्रामुख्याने पुरुषांचे फर्टिलिटी परिणाम बिघडवते. बाळ होण्यात अडचणी येऊ शकतात. पण चिंता करण्याचे कारण नाही. सर्जिकल उपचार, नॉन सर्जिकल उपचार आणि आधुनिक फर्टिलिटी उपचारांनी गर्भधारणा शक्य आहे.
महिलाओं के स्त्रीबीज और पुरुषों के शुक्राणु एकसाथ जुड़नेसे महिला को गर्भधारण होता है। शुक्राणु के बिना गर्भधारण असंभव है। अस्वस्थ शुक्राणु के कारण गर्भधारण करने में समस्या होती है। लेकिन IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI जैसे बहुतसे आधुनिक फर्टिलिटी इलाज से गर्भधारण संभव है।

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