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Ovulation Induction

The Process of Ovulation Induction Starts Right from Scratch to the Pinnacle!

Problems like PCOS and other conditions are emerging as a big trouble in the lives of many women. They are triggering infertility in them. Your fertility has a lot to with your hormonal rush. If certain hormones are not present or if they are not present in sufficient amounts, then they can also trigger infertility. Here, we would like to add some social and lifestyle factors causing infertility in the lives of many women. The average age for getting pregnant is increasing; women are adopting wrong lifestyle choices, which were taboo for them in the past. They are handling more stress, and somewhat somewhere, health has taken a back seat in their lives. In short, many things around us are changing very drastically and consequently, the number of infertile women is increasing considerably.

Is Infertility in Women a Permanent Condition or Can It Be Cured in Some Cases?

The definition of infertility is very vast; it is vast because there is a set of many conditions and sub-conditions that are waiting for females. There are some conditions, which can cause permanent infertility, and then, we have some conditions where infertility can be cured considerably, or we can say that, it is a kind of temporary infertility for them. The absence of a proper ovulation cycle or no ovulation from ovaries can be treated like a condition, which is a temporary phase in the lives of many people. Lack of ovulation or complete absence of an ovulation is a tricky condition to handle, because this is one condition that makes them infertile for the time being. When we talk about any successful act of reproduction, then here, we talk about two primary factors. The first factor is the male factor or the presence of sperms, and the second factor is the female factor or the ovum. Now, these two elements can be considered as the primary elements in the process.

What Is the Role of Ovulation Induction while Preparing the Female Factor for Any Probable Pregnancy?

For the correct answer to this question, we need to understand a few things related to the ovulation cycle. This definition of ovulation cycle suggests that the ovary should release an egg at regular intervals for the sperms to fertilize it, which is needed for the process of fertilization. If this process somehow comes to a halt; then, in this case, a female is bound to go for some ovulation medications. In some cases, doctors even prescribe some ovulation injections as well. There are many other methods that can be employed for the same process; and in general terms, we term it as the ovulation induction process as well.

How to Increase Ovulation?

If we wish to answer this question, then we need to understand the nature of the problem first. In normal cases, experts try to figure out the correct reason behind it. There can be numerous possibilities behind it; for instance, in some cases, the process of ovulation suffers badly because of the lack of some hormones. In this case, many ovulation induction protocols can be introduced. Most of these protocols are dependent on the root causes. Lack of hormones can be one reason, lifestyle related things can be another and even diseases like PCOS can be one of the reasons.

What Is the Concept of Ovulation Induction Cycle?

Ovulation induction can become the first process in your IVF or IUI journey. Most of the people feel that, if they are suffering from infertility and ovulation is the key result area, then they require the services of a different expert. It is partially true; the truth lies in the fact that, every IVF or IUI expert first checks the process of ovulation. If something is wrong, then they employee this process of regulating ovulation induction cycle. It is a myth that, IVF or IUI are last league treatments. Both IVF and IUI check the process of reproduction from post to pillar. It is a kind of culmination of all the fertility treatments available. At least, in the case of IVF, we can make this statement quite safely. Induction of ovulation, if it is not proper, it is certainly the first step in the process. The most successful process of the induction of ovulation normally takes place in a clinical setup where they monitor various aspects with great detailing and leaves no stones unturned. Some people believe that it is not a part of an IVF treatment. To correct them, it is very much a part of an IVF treatment, because as we mentioned earlier that, IVF is a 360-degree process where they leave no stones unturned to ensure a successful pregnancy and successful delivery up to some extent.

How Does the Process of Clinically Induced Ovulation Take Place?

The process to achieve the condition of clinically induced ovulation starts with a series of blood tests; most of these blood tests are aimed at figuring out the presence of certain hormones in the blood. The presence of these hormones is the primary requisite; ovulation induction success rate is highly dependent on these hormones. Here, we would like to supply one more fact that will tell you that why ovulation is very important for female fertility. According to various studies done in the recent past, 40 percent of infertility related problems in females occur because of improper ovulation. Let us move back to the clinical process of inducing ovulation; during this process, on the day of your menstrual cycle, they prefer to go for a blood test. After finding the result of this blood test in general from day 4, they start giving you ovulation induction drugs and other treatments if they are required. You are not required to stay in the hospital; most of these treatments are OPD treatments. On day 10, they call you back for blood tests and other necessary tests to make sure that your ovulation process is responding to the treatment or not. Here they once again check your hormonal level. The hormonal level can be the root cause of your failure in an ovulation cycle and it can be a supporting reason to induce the process as well. In any case, it is important. On day 14, they finally go for a vaginal ultrasound in order to figure out the activity of ovulation; if it fails again, then the same treatment starts from the next menstrual cycle.

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