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Embryo Donation

What is Embryo Donation?

Support Embryo Donation and Win the Race against Infertility

From the perspective of a couple, the act of making babies is teamwork. Both male and female factors contribute with equal tenacity. With the help of procedures like IVF, we have conquered the complicated situations that can affect male fertility. For instance, the presence of motility or adequate sperm count is no longer a problem. If a male has ten or even one sperm, then IVF can manage the rest. Unfortunately, the case of female fertility is not that simple; it requires much more work. Females play an active part in childbirth, and many complications can hinder their path. IVF and allied processes have the power to help both male and female factors.

Has Embryo Transfer Opened a New Gateway for Infertile Couples?

Embryo transfer is a technique where IVF and allied processes are utilized to implant an embryo in the body of a female. Theoretically speaking, IVF embryo transfer is a process where a healthy embryo is implanted in the uterus for a successful course of pregnancy. If a couple undergoes the process of IVF, then embryo transfer is a sub-process, because, during the period of IVF, they usually develop an embryo outside the female body and implant it in the uterus of an expecting mother.

There are three steps of motherhood –

Conceive a baby

Bearing a baby during the course of three trimesters

Delivery of the baby into this world

With the help of embryo donation, women can live two steps of motherhood where she can bear the baby during three trimesters, and deliver the baby.

How Is Embryo Adoption Different from Regular Adoption?

Let’s talk about the conditions and advantages of embryo adoption. The first condition deals with the complete failure of a female factor. Many females do not produce ova because of medical conditions. Hence, donated embryos become a useful tool for them, because if the male factor involved in the pregnancy is sufficient, then the couple can have a biological child where the father of the child will remain the same. A donor embryo can help a couple in conditions where, without IVF intervention, child adoption remains as the only option available.

What Is the Role of Embryo Donation Clinics in the Process?

An embryo donation clinic functions like an embryo bank. Here, embryo donors and receivers come together and complete the equation of demand and supply. Finding donated embryos is not an easy task. It is taboo in many countries, and people want to maintain secrecy about this. Places like a national embryo donation center are working hard to promote these practices to bring betterment in the life of many couples fighting infertility. IVF embryo transfer is a boon for these people and is making their life more comfortable.

What Is the Process of Embryo Selection and Why It Is Needed?

The process of IVF is a 360-degree process; the experts not only take care of the fertility-related problems but also take good care of the aftermaths of the pregnancy period as well. Embryo selection is a process that helps an IVF expert to select a perfect embryo for the body it will be transplanted to. Most of the embryo adoption stories are success stories because of the right selection of the embryos. Compatibility between the embryo and the body is essential. While going through the process of embryo donation, it is necessary for an expert to figure out this status effectively.

What Is the Social Relevance of Embryo Donation?

Laws in various countries are now coming up with a legal framework to accommodate the process of embryo donation. They are trying hard to ease the life of couples and donors by bringing in a legal framework where the interests of the donor and the couple are served well. They are trying it hard to bring in the format of a contract for the couples and the donors. After the increasing success of processes like IVF, various societies in the world now appreciate this practice. There are many places where they conceal the real identity of the donors to keep the legal hassles at a distance. It is a booming trend that is catching up with the passage of time, creating an alternative for infertile couples suffering from the problem of female factor failure.

Fast Facts:

Donor Programs are best suitable for -

Untreatable infertility involving both partners

Women without a
male partner

Couple with Genetic
disorders causing infertility


Problems with the quality and quantity of eggs and sperm can be the main cause of infertility in males and females. Being aware of such issues can help in understanding what’s keeping you from conceiving successfully.
Fibroids are growths in the uterus that are not malignant and that may appear in women who are in their fertile years. It's unclear what exactly causes fibroids. Obesity, early puberty, or a family history of fibroids are all risk factors.

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