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Male Fertility Preservation

What is Male Fertility Preservation?

Male Fertility Preservation Procedure
Fresh v/s Frozen – Which Sperms Are More Successful for IVF and ICSI? When it comes to handling male fertility, science has done its thorough research. The development in this field of study has reached its advanced stage. With the processes like artificial insemination now having a long history of success associated with them & with the arrival of the latest techniques in the field of sperm freezing, the human race has finally reached a frontier where they can actually consider going for fertility preservation. This development means that we can preserve the malefactor of pregnancy for future uses. The arrival of such techniques has been a breakthrough for male fertility treatments.
Is Sperm Freezing a Counter Treatment for Cancer Patients?
Advancement in medical science has led to surprising developments. For instance, we have a set of advanced treatments ready for cancer patients. Medical science has the power to diagnose cancer at an early stage and an adequate set of radiation treatments to manage it. These treatments take a toll on the reproductive health of a healthy male, and in some cases can cause male infertility. With the help of the sperm freezing process; now, medical science can handle this condition with great ease. It means that, before a person begins his cancer treatment, he can store his sperms, and later on, have babies using the stored sperm with the support of processes like IVF and ICSI.
What Is the Social Relevance of Sperm Freezing?
We are living in an era of cord blood banking. The tradition of freezing sperms is catching up in some advanced countries where males are preserving their prime life sperms for future pregnancies. Experts believe that younger sperms have a lower risk of producing babies with genetic disorders, although the clinical validity of this statement may vary. With the arrival of the latest techniques like IVF and ICSI, sperm freezing has become more meaningful and rampant. These processes have created a strong utility for sperms that are stored. It’s a treasure being secured for later whose benefits can be reaped with the help of IVF and ICSI. For males, going for radiation treatments, this facility is a blessing. After your treatment, when you are ready to have a child, all you need is a female partner and the medical assistance will help you generate your biological child against all odds.
What Is the Process of Sperm Freezing and Sperm Donation?
Sperm freezing is a process where a specimen of the sperm is collected and stored in a safe environment for future use. Liquid nitrogen is used to preserve the sperm. Generally, a specimen of sperms can be protected for nine to ten years. It means that during this period, sperms from a given specimen can be used for fertilization purposes. Here, they can be used in IVF processes and ICSI treatment. Sperm donation has also become a buzzword in the current society. With a number of women deciding to start a family on their own, sperm donation helps them achieve this goal. Single mothers can take the support of sperm donation and IVF treatment to give birth to a biological child. In a similar fashion, there are many unfortunate couples with a male factor problem. Sperm donation helps them in conceiving a child.
How Can Sperm Storage Increase Male Fertility?
Sperm storage cannot directly increase male fertility. For the procedure of sperm storage, the sperm count & motility is first tested. If found to be inadequate, then attempts are made to increase it. Processes like IVF can increase the chances of pregnancy and ease out various problems, however, they do not have an impact on the fertility of the male. To clear the obstacles in the path of sperms, experts suggest going for surgical processes. When we combine the processes related to sperm storage with the processes of ICSI, IVF, and artificial insemination; then here we find that sperm storage certainly increases the chances of a probable pregnancy.
What Is Frozen Sperm v/s Fresh Sperm Success Ratio?
According to various studies conducted in different parts of the world, the success ratio of a frozen sperm is in the range of fifty to sixty percent, whereas, it’s 10% lower for fresh sperm. The process of sperm freezing is delicately handled by experts, trying to make it fool-proof. Before storing a sperm, experts judge the worth of the sperm beforehand. Once they are happy with the quality of the sperm, they move onto the next level. Secondly, the processes attached to sperm donation can be considered sophisticated, and this is why they enjoy more success ratio. With the help of sperm freezing, we can get success in some difficult cases and successfully conquer male infertility.

Fast Facts:

This procedure is best suited for men-

with advancing age

Deteriorating sperm

with medical reasons like
cancer and more


TESE and ICSI are two related treatments that help with male factor infertility. Men who do not generate sperm during ejaculation may have less sperm in the testicle, which can be extracted by TESE and used with ICSI to conceive a child.

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