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Our IVF hospital with its advanced facilities, high success rates, and top fertility specialists with years of experience, has helped make the dream of parenthood come true for thousands of couples.

With our world-class laboratory, latest ART technology, and patient-oriented approach, we’re fully equipped to help you build your family.

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Successful IVF
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Our goal is to provide comprehensive fertility care so that you can enjoy the family you deserve. Our state-of-the-art facility and well-trained compassionate staff are well-equipped to deal with all your worries.

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★★★★★ Consultation from madam was very clear and informative. Had cleared our all doubts and provided all thorough information about further process. This has been very good experience. All technical and non-technical staff were helpful during the process.ashok posture ★★★★★ It's been very nice experience with progenesis IVF.dr gave all details about procedure and made it easy to understand also they cure their patients very nice.Shambhu chavan ★★★★★ Good and supportive staff, Doctor explained everything in detail. Overall experience was fantastic with Doctors and staff and finally got positive results.varsha patil ★★★★★ Maza lagnala 7 warsh zali ahet. Mi hya center la nov madhe visit kelel Ani within 6 months mala result milala ....amhi khup khush ahot aaj thank you teamMinal Kadam ★★★★★ Very positive aura and atmosphere at the progenesis IVF center.I am very thank to all staff for giving us this happiness which was missing from our life from so long. Here they use all kind of advance technology for the treatment purpose....Pranoti Shewale ★★★★★ Very helpful staff-Maintain transparency with each patient specifically finance related.-Medical procedure for sure will be longer and but if you take care of each dose and injection it may result in fruitful result.-can contact anytime with staff irrespective of time if you face any complications.Thanks.Umesh Mane ★★★★★ We are really happy and satisfied completely with the treatment given by center.Happy with The final results too .Whole staff is really very helping n caring during the treatment journeySoma Koli ★★★★★ We had a great experience here. I did many clinics for 10 years. But I was immediately diagnosed. Doctors and staff are very supportive. Ete came and made a difference. Thank you very much to the doctor and staff.Mayur Thorat ★★★★★ The staff are very cooperative and supportive.listens the problems carefully and treat by their best experience.Thank you so much progenesis teamMahesh Layane ★★★★★ Thanx to progenensis team for excellent treatment n co operative staff and co staff ..can't expresS in words ...should come and visit to Dr n feel experianceSatish Suryavanshi ★★★★★ खुप छान ,आमचा रिझल्ट पाॅझीटीव्ह आला आहे,त्याबद्दल प्रोजेनीसेस हाॅस्फीटल तसेच मुळगावकर सर,सोनाली मॅडम तसेच सर्व स्टाफ चे खूप खूप आभारKashinath Reve ★★★★★ Thankyou प्रोजेनेसिस हमें इतना सपोर्ट किए हमारा रिजल्ट पॉजिटिव आया है हम सपोर्ट करने के लिएChaya Gaiward ★★★★★ Aaj amhala positive result bhetla aahe ..Aaj amchi beta test positive ali aahe...amcha lagnala 17 warsh zali ahet Ani finally Aaj amhala result bhetlay...amhi khup khush ahe thank you progenesisDiliP Bade ★★★★★ Journey with progenesis center is very amazing.. all the hospital staff and doctors are very good and positive attitude towards pt. Thank youSujata Maske ★★★★★ It was good experience with progenesis and we got positive results at our first cycle.Doctors and staffs are very suportive and co operative. We are very happy and satisfied with progenesis. I will recommend progenesis to others also.RITHISH Ekanath Sagar ★★★★★ Hamari shadi ko 20 saal ho gye h ...aur hme Aaj result Mila hai ...hmne bohot try kiya edhar udhar lekin hme result sirf orogenesis me hi Mila..yaha ka staff bohot accha h ...dr saahab bhi bohot acche h...sabne hme bohot support kiya...6 months me hi hme result bohot khushhh hai ki sabse badi Khushi hme progenesis ki wajah se mila hai..thank youSanjay Kori ★★★★★ पहिल्यांदा aol pan खूप चांगलं अनुभव आहे सगळं स्टाफ खूप चांगला आहे सगळ्या सोयी चांगल्या आहेत.. इथे येऊन positive feel hot. Thank you...Vaishali Mohite ★★★★★ All staff are good, sabne bohot accha co. Operate kiya, aaj hamara first anc scan hua h and our scan is very good, thanks to the entire progenesis teamKiran Kanchole ★★★★★ Thank you so much Progenesis for concive pregnancy. Journey with Progenesis center is very amazing. All the hospital staff and Nurse s are very good. Thank you.Bhagyashree waghmare ★★★★★ Maz Aaj first anc scan zal, maz baby khuup chhan ahe , maza first cycle mdhech mala result milala , maza lagnala 10 wrsh zal ahet , Ani finally amhala result milala fkt Ani fkt Progenesis mule thank you all team I am so happy.Ashwini Shinde ★★★★★ एकाच छताखाली सगळ्या सुविधा उपलब्ध आहे. बेस्ट ivf आहे. बेस्ट...सगळ्यांना धन्यावादAlok Kasbe ★★★★★ I am just so happy, I got positive result today, I am married since 5 yrs and after so much struggle finally got a positive result today. Thanks to allNirmala Dhumal ★★★★★ 02 oct 2023 ला माझी सेंटर मध्ये फर्स्ट visit झाली , आणि आज मला positive result भेटला आहे, माझा लग्नाला 14 वर्ष झाली आहेत आणि हे 14 वर्ष आम्ही बाळासाठी खूप प्रयत्न केले पण आम्हाला result fakt progenesis मध्येच भेटला. सगळं staff doctor खूपच चांगले आहेत. सगळ्यांचे खूप खूप धन्यवाद.Sarika Ingole ★★★★★ Progenesis is a game changer, after lot of hurdle in the past few years I got conceived today. I got positive result today .The best part about this centre is from receptionist to Doctors every one treats you with lots of positivity. Thank you so much..modhushri dhar ★★★★★ खूप छान अनुभव होता khuup छान समजावून सांगतात. धन्यवादDeepali Deshmukh ★★★★★ Result oriented & support staff excelleht service Highly recommended .Well knowledgeable doctor i have ever met. Thank you so much for your contribution.Highly recommendedPrasad Mahajan ★★★★★ Great experience at progenesisFertility. Front desk staff and medical team is so kind and helpful. We had been trying since last some years and lost all hopes but Progenesis Fertility and Dr. gave us the light of hope. Thanks a lot to team progenesis Fertility.Vijay Raje ★★★★★ the staff maintaining high standards of hygiene and sanitation throughout the facility. It praise attention to detail in keeping patient rooms, common areas, and medical equipment spotless, contributing to a safe and comfortable environment for patients and visitors. clean and sterile environment is commendable.VARSHA PAWAR ★★★★★ Good experience,all staff are very supportive, Excellent Doctor and there treatments (excellent experience), highly recommended ☺️Sangita Lonare ★★★★★ आमच्या ह्या महत्त्वाच्या प्रवासात आम्हाला कायम योग्य मार्गदर्शन आणि प्रेमळ आधार दिल्याबद्दल खूप मनापासून तुम्हा सगळ्यांचे आभार 🙏Pratik Sawant ★★★★★ Choosing Progenesis was the best decision I made. From the first consultation to the successful outcome, the entire team made me feel supported and hopeful. I highly recommend them to anyone on their fertility journey."☺️Vaibhav Molawade ★★★★★ "I am forever indebted to progenesis for their unwavering support and expertise during my IVF journey. They gave me hope when I felt hopeless and guided me through every challenge with compassion and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better team."Sachin Gaikwad ★★★★★ Words cannot express my gratitude to the amazing staff at Progenesis .Their professionalism, encouragement, and expertise made my journey comfortable . Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"Jivan Pawar ★★★★★ Had a great first visit experience at progenies, Thane center. Staff is cooperative and well behaved doctors will make you feel so positive about the entire processAmbadas Divate ★★★★★ It was really appreciate to staff and doctors we really feel positive hereI had the best experience at progenesis fertility center at panvel. Staff is very understanding and supportive and doctor's are very cordial. high success rate.Bharat Ghewade ★★★★★ I had the best experience at progenesis fertility center at panvel. Staff is very understanding and supportive and doctor's are very cordial. high success rate.Rasika Jadhav ★★★★★ staff is very polite and helpful.I have been there for 3-4 months for the treatment and it was easy and helpful.The centre is fully equipped & high technology equipmentDr Darshana were very helpful throughout the treatment.Highly recommendedShriraj badekar ★★★★★ Progenesis is a wonderful center, It's a fully equipped & clean n Hygienic, services and staff are very excellent, consultant dr darshana is very impressive and efficient doctor,best in Nahi MumbaiK.D. Bhaisare ★★★★★ From past few years M struggling to get the IVF but no one get me the best results. After so many attempts we had not get the best. One of my frd suggest me progenesis fertility centre. There i meet with Dr Darshana ma'amShe give me the best treatment n They are fully equipped clean n HygienicShital Ganvir ★★★★★ Hospital staff and Dr is very good,Friendly staff and informative, very impressive with the high success rate, Technology is very advance, Good hospitality with patient.Harita Gadmale ★★★★★ Dr Darshana wahane ma'am IVF Consultant at progenesis fertility centre panvel is no doubt knowledgeable and expert in her field but also very helpful and caring, he has the warmth and aura with whom we feel comfortable. She is very supportive when we need her suggestions. We feel we are in safe hands.Progenesis fertility centre it's a very renowned company them self & there branch in panvel benifit many.We will be forever thankful to Dr. Darshana ma'am and Team progenesis fertility centre PanvelNikisha Kambale ★★★★★ The center is very good in terms of infrastructure. the hospital staff and doctors are very good supportive. impressive by the Advantages tecnology used as this facilitypramod rane ★★★★★ We visited at progenesis fertility center.. had a excellent experience... Doctor's and staff very cooperative.. highly recommended who planning for baby.. thank u progenesis 🙏☺️☺️PRANIT VICHAREjs_loader

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Narhari S. Malagaonkar | Fertility specialist in India
Dr. Narhari Malagaonkar

Chief Fertility Consultant
MD, DNB, DGO, FCPS, DFP (Mumbai)

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Singapore)

Dr. Narhari S. Malagaonkar is the dedicated and exclusive chief fertility consultant. He is working in the field of infertility since last 15 years

Dr sonali Thane IVF center
Dr. Sonali Malagaonkar

Sr. Fertility Consultant, Thane
M.S. (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) (Mumbai)

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

With a remarkable experience in performing conventional & complex surgeries, Dr. Sonali N. Malgaonkar has successfully treated a number of complex and failed IVF patients.

Dr sonali Thane IVF center
Dr. Shital Sonone

Fertility Consultant, Nashik
MS (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Shital Sonone has 9 yeas of experience in the field of Gynaecology and Advanced Reproductive medicine.

Dr sonali Thane IVF center
Dr. Darshna Wahane

Fertility Consultant, Panvel

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Darshana has 10+ yeas of experience in the field of Gynaecology and Advanced Reproductive medicine.

Dr sonali Thane IVF center
Dr. Dinesh Wade

Fertility Consultant, Pune
Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Dinesh has 9 years of experience in the field of Gynaecology and reproductive medicine.

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The inability to get pregnant after trying for a year, if you are under 35 years of age, and after trying for 6 months, if you are above the age of 35, might indicate that you are infertile. Consult with a fertility specialist to figure out the cause of your infertility and acquire the required treatment for it.
Infertility is frequently caused by ovulation issues (the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries). Conception issues can also be caused by poor sperm quality, which fails to reach and fertilize the egg.
Ovulation issues are the most common cause of female infertility. Age, hormone imbalances, weight, chemical or radiation exposure, and cigarette smoking all have an affect on fertility.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility affects around 17.5% of the adult population, that is, one out of every six people worldwide.
A hormonal imbalance or sperm movement blockage can result in a shortage of sperm and, as a result, infertility in men. Excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, illegal drug use, long-term anabolic steroid usage, cancer treatments like chemotherapy, some antibiotics, and some antidepressants and being overweight, all harm the production and movement of sperm.
You should consider fertility treatment if you are under the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for at least a year, you are 35 or older and have been trying to conceive for at least 6 months, or you’re trying to conceive but your periods are unpredictable, uncomfortable, or non-existent.

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