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About Progenesis

If you are facing issues related to your fertility and feeling the heat to conceive naturally then you are at the right page! We, at progenesis, aims to provide every possible treatment and assistance to our patients seeking aid in treating their infertility problems.

There are several million people in this world who faces infertility issues due to various reasons and some of them do not get the best treatments for lack of the infertility experts within their reaches.

To bridge the gap between the infertile couples and the suitable treatments provided to them, we have decided to form a specialist panel of experienced infertility experts to assist every individual in their journey of childbirth!

We not only provide medical assistance but also guide you with your fertility treatments from day one through various counselling procedures (through online appointment as well) and start with making you comfortable with the treatment procedure (which is very important for successful execution of any infertility treatment!)

Till now we have managed to provide successful treatments to many infertile individuals who are happy and proud parents of their own child now!

Our success stories may speak about our achievements and dedication towards our work but one must get along with us in their infertility treatment journey to know more about our specialist team, State-of-the-art infrastructure, and world-class treatment procedures and be familiar to our services.

Apart from these modernized treatments services, we also provide assistance in surrogacy and treat various male and female infertility issues in regards to medicinal dosages and at times even surgeries.  

Recently, we have added one more feather to our achievements and have received the award for “India’s fastest growing brands in IVF” in the 3rd edition of Asia’s greatest brands and leaders 2018 and we feel we have just achieved a pie of our efforts!

Our true happiness is making all those infertile and hopeless couples smile after they go through a successful IVF procedure and get to hold their own child on their arms!


URS and Asia One awarded – 2018

Progenesis Fertility Center as India’s Fastest
Growing Brand in IVF

Berg Singapore Icons of Healthcare – 2016

Best Hospital for Reproductive Medicine

So, what are you waiting for?

Request a callback or follow us for further inquiry on the appointments and processes of the infertility treatments so that we can assist you further in your infertility to fertility journey and turn your dream into reality through or IVF treatments procedures!

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Welcome to Progenesis
India’s Fastest Growing Brands In IVF

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