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Begin your journey
to parenthood.

Who we are

Walk into an experience of moving beyond your difficulties and towards realizing your dreams of parenthood. At Progenesis, we are a team of experts fighting against infertility issues that couples often face, ensuring you a hurdle-free journey towards pregnancy.

It was in 2014 when we first stepped into the area of healthcare with the sole motto of being your companion in your highs & lows of your journey to parenthood.

Progenesis IVF, from the house of We Care Hospital Services. providing you with the set-up of extensive facilities, our team also knows how to step into your shoes to understand the need of the moment. From the first conversation you have with us till the birth of the child you have been longing for, Progenesis ensures to create the best possible atmosphere for your reproductive treatment.

Our Values





Your happiness, our mission

Infertility being a severe yet sensitive issue to deal with, it’s quite natural for every couple to witness their share of struggle before seeking medical assistance. Therefore, intending to treat every couple individually, Progenesis aspires to become a fair yet family-like guide to child-birth.

Our vision

To be the benchmark for reproductive health care services.

Our mission

  • We shall strive to provide comprehensive fertility services for aspiring parent in a personalized and caring environment.
  • We shall strive to offer the most advanced reproductive technologies available with highest level of patient privacy & ethical standards.
  • We shall strive to ensure the best possible success rate for our patients through the collective expertise of our clinical team.

What makes us your companion
in your journey:

Our approach to treatment doesn’t remain limited to medical assistance. Instead, we try to understand and analyse your concern to overcome all the obstacles hindering your fertility treatment. To begin with, we ensure to provide our assistance whenever required. We equip you with all the necessary aspects that might be needed during your infertility treatment so that you get to be carefree and prioritize your partner

It’s time to embrace the science that can ease the infertility process. We offer active participation of every couple into their fertility process because we understand your need for making informed decisions.

We leverage the best technologies to assure a comfortable and calming experience for people whose only hope lies with our team. With our first conversation, we know that the time to care for you has arrived and we hold on to that principle throughout our journey together.

Why Progenesis

The space at Progenesis has been designed keeping in mind the necessities of our patients & their journey. Our belief in “every journey is special” helps us provide each patient with personalized attention and world-class medical care. We understand the pain and agony of childless couples which is why we offer a wide range of service including modern diagnostics and therapeutic facilities for better assistance. The Andrology lab, IVF lab, Ovum Pick OT, Embryo transfer room and IUI are structured under one roof so that no scarcity comes in the way of your parenthood. The treatment at Progenesis has also been well-equipped with upgraded technologies. One of such technologies is the colour Doppler Sonography machine that monitors follicular development and endometrial blood flow for better decision making in regards to the superovulation in IUI, IVF & ICSI.

What to expect at Progenesis


Success Rates


Patient care


ART Laboratories


Quality Standards




Advanced Reproductive Technology

The cycle of



Every couple wishes to have their little companion. A happily married life witnesses the peak of hardships when they face their inability to conceive.


The wish to nurture a child of your own is natural, so are the challenges on the path. Every failed trial leads to your hope being shattered. With self-acceptance and self-realisation, you retain the hope of achieving your dream.


To step out of your comfort zone by discussing your challenges with a team of experts is your first step towards fulfilling your dream irrespective of all the odds you as a couple were facing alone.

The journey

To make a choice is difficult but not impossible with your hope being intact. Sometimes there’s another route to the same destination.

A staff as diverse as ours understand the diversities of problems our patients deal with. An experience that comforts you while dealing with your challenges is what we aspire for.


Once we travel through this road together, we achieve our goal. The most awaited day with the best positive results finally arrives. While we come into terms with the success we worked for, you get the parenthood that you had dreamt of. It, therefore, becomes the day of triumph for both of us.


Dr. Narhari Malagaonkar

Clinical Director

Mr. Prashant Aher

Operation Director

Mr. Sandeep Aher

Director of Strategy

Our Recognitions

Acknowledgement is not what we seek for but rather what we aim for. We work towards the satisfaction of that community which believed in us despite the disappointments they came across. Our work has been recognized on multiple platforms mentioned below–

Best Hospital for Reproductive Medicine

Business Excellence and Research Group (BERG) Singapore.

Greatest Brand & World’s Greatest Leaders

in Dubai.

India’s Fastest Growing Brand
in IVF

in Dubai.

The Number 1
IVF Centre
for Emerging IVF
Centre Category

Times of India.

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