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Class-1000 Modular Lab

What is Class-1000 Modular Lab?

A cleanroom is an artificially-controlled environment used in laboratories. It provides the laboratory with a lower and controlled measure of pollutants and SPM, which comprises airborne microbes, dust, aerosol particles, and various chemical and biochemical vapors. Technically speaking, cleanrooms have a controlled level of contamination specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a given particle size.

Cleanrooms are classified into specific categories according to the number and size of particles that are permitted per volume of air available. Larger number categories like “class 100” or “class 1000” denote that particles of size 0.5 µm or larger are permitted per cubic foot of air. The ambient air in an average city environment contains 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter, which are 0.5 microns and larger in diameter. This directly corresponds to an ISO 9 cleanroom at the lowest level of cleanroom standards.

Our cleanroom dividers are made of long-lasting, simple to-clean, ISO-grade materials, as indicated in FDA direction archives. It meets all operational prerequisites. In cleanrooms, particulate concentration changes after some time – from gear development and gear to functional status. ISO portrays three cleanroom order measures: as-built, at-rest and operational.
About Class- 1000 Standard
In the case of cleanrooms, the particulate concentration present in it is ever changing. Right from the construction and installation of equipment to its operational status, the concentration keeps changing over time. ISO has described three specific cleanroom classification standards:

Fast Facts:

Advantages of class 1000 modular labs

Meets all operational prerequisites

Provides the laboratory with a balanced measure of pollutants and SPM

Made of ISO-grade materials as indicated in FDA direction archives

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