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Fertility Treatments & Procedures

It Is Not Fertility It Is Infertility That Requires a Treatment at Its First Place!

Fertility treatment has become a keyword of sorts. It is very important to start this compilation of the facts on an abstract note because we wish to change the perception of various people when it comes to fertility treatments. They are not fertility treatments; a fertility clinic does not increase your fertility. It removes the causes of infertility or treats infertility, and this is how medicine science looks at it.

What Is the Real Task of Fertility Specialists?

Before we tell you more about the task of fertility specialists, we would first like to warn you against some fake fertility experts. Most of these fertility experts claim that they will increase your fertility. Males are a soft target for them, because it is much easier to handle infertility coming from the side of the male factor. You might have seen all those phony advertisements that are setting up all these new definitions of infertility in the market. When we talk about the genuine fertility experts, then here, we referring to experts who understand the human reproductive system to its core; it means they understand both male and female reproductive anatomy and check out various discrepancies that can make a couple infertile. In the systems of medicine science, it is a pre-decided course full of permutations and combinations waiting for a couple when he or she is going out for an infertility treatment.

How Can We Break Down the Basic Causes of Infertility in a Couple?

Fertility treatment options are also dependent on the answer to the same question. There is an important part that a couple should always keep in mind, it is about the space and tools. There can be numerous reasons behind infertility. The reproductive system is a complex structure; sometimes a blockage in the passage of sperm and ovum can become a potential reason behind infertility. In similar fashion, many more things can come up and obstruct the path. When we talk about the female factor, then a proper release of an ovum, passage of fallopian tube and uterus are few things that can cause the trouble. For instance, a simple blockage in the fallopian tube region can become a potential reason behind infertility. In the similar fashion, sometimes deformities in the uterus and certain other organs can prevent the release of an ovum or cause some problems in the stipulated stay of an embryo. When we have a look at the malefactor of the pregnancy, then again, we find that, a blockage in the path of testicles and similar other conditions can create a barrier in the act of reproduction. There are some surgical processes, which can cure this condition, and in common language, these processes also include ‘fertility surgery.’ For better understanding of infertility, we can check it out with the help of various stages. Primary stage talks about the conditions, path and overall health of the reproductive system. The second stage deals with the production of healthy sperms and ovum. Once it is done, we can talk about the survival of fetus or embryo as the third stage of the game.

What Is the Concept of Fertility Window for Increasing the Chances of a Pregnancy?

Intercourse is the most important part of any pregnancy. It can be considered as the primary factor as well. Failure in having a proper intercourse can also emerge as a big problem. It requires counseling of a fertility expert. In general terms, we can share the concept of ovulation calculator with you. An ovulation calculator is a formula that can help a couple in calculating about the most fertile days of a female during the course of her monthly cycle. Suppose, if a menstrual cycle starts on 1st of January, then according to the calculation of an ovulation calculator, a female will become actively fertile on 12th of the same month (January), and the period between 13th of January to 17th of January can be considered as the most fertile period of the month for this particular women. Here we would also like to add that in general a menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days. It can be considered as standard. In some cases, this number can increase up to 35 days, whereas in some other cases, this number can go down as well. If the number of the days increases or decreases; then, in this case, the days of the fertile window may hamper a great deal. This concept of best fertility window is also applicable on the male counterparts as well, here they are required to stay on a sabbatical for at least two days and maintain a healthy lifestyle during these two days.

What Is the Role of Sperm Counts in the Pregnancy?

The sperm count of 40 million to 300 million in a millimeter can be considered as ideal sperm count for pregnancy. In some cases, 20 million sperms per milliliter can be considered as a safe count. With the arrival of processes like IVF, we can also say that, infertility treatments have won this frontier quite considerably. Processes like artificial insemination can always help a person with low sperm count and help the process of the formation of an embryo.

What Is Ovulation Induction?

Just like the problem of sperm counts, some females also suffer from this problem, where they find that, the process of releasing an egg for the purpose of fertilization is barred because of certain hormonal reasons. During this condition, these females go for some medications and other methods. This process is known as ovulation induction. The release of an ovum is a primary condition. Couples going through the IVF process can also require this ovulation induction sometimes.

What Is an ICSI Treatment?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an advanced process during the course of IVF; it is required in some severe cases, where the malefactor of the pregnancy is suffering from some severe shortcomings. During this process, IVF experts inject a single sperm directly into a mature egg.

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