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Tips for coping with infertility during the summer

Summer fun? Tips for coping with infertility during the summer

With the onset of summer in full swing, there is a jovial feeling among people as they brace up for a vacation tour, invitation to pool parties, BBQs, and plenty of other fun-filled stuff. However, there is another side of the picture. People who are struggling with infertility treatment can find themselves in an awkward position a lot of time. Just think about it for a moment. This is the time when people get together through family reunions, and couples prefer to announce their pregnancies. Perhaps you have guessed it right; they may also ask when you are going to start a family. Such questions can often unsettle you if you are not prepared for it. Summer months can turn out to be depressing and frustrating if you are coping with infertility.

To help couples deal with the situation, the fertility expert at the IVF clinic in Thane is offering some useful tips that will help you to have fun in the sun, considering you are having a tough time starting your own family.

Advice 1: You will come across some curious people among your friends and family members asking the inevitable question, “when are you going to have a baby?” It is important that you mentally prepare yourself to face the question. Take the question in good humor and answer them with a smile “soon.”  

Advice 2: Be bold enough yet polite to decline invites. If you have been trying to conceive for quite some time without any success, you may not be in a good state of mind. Things can get worse if you attend an event where you will see loved ones with their babies. From inside, you may feel like crying your heart out. It is perfectly OK if you can tell your friends and family members that you are going through a difficult time and prefer to stay away from the event. If you are close to the person who invited, they will understand your problem. Else, they will not be bothered at all. If saying no can alleviate some stress from your life, then please do so.

Advice 3: As a reliable and loving spouse, you have a role to play in your partner’s happiness. Encourage your partner to talk and express their feelings. Make sure that you are spending some good time together. Pursue activities that will ensure your happiness. You and your partner need to understand that it is important to take your mind away from the infertility issues. It is important to keep your relationship strong during tough times. If possible, then get involved in summer activities.

Advice 4: Spend time grooming yourself. It can be a fine stress buster. Fertility treatment can leave you mentally exhausted with all those tests and injections that the clinic uses. Under the given circumstances, couples often overlook the importance of self-care not only physically but at the psychological level too. Go for a relaxing massage session at the spa or manicure or pedicure. You can try physical activities like exercising or yoga to reduce stress levels.

Advice 5: Spend some days in a scenic and pristine location far away from the din and bustle of the city. You and your partner can silently make a transit to a serene and tranquil beach where there will be no distracting elements, and you can shift your mind away from the infertility issues. Probably your pocket is already stretched with prolonged treatment. All you need to do is a bit of research on the internet; you will surely find some delightful off-peak deals.   

Advice 6: Be Never harsh to yourself or your partner. Take care of emotional health. Most of the time, people are so overwhelmed with how they should feel rather than how they are feeling. Do not be judgmental as far as your feelings are concerned. Whatever the emotions that you are experiencing are perfectly normal. Do not hesitate to connect with those who care for you. It should be among the priorities in your to-do list. If the mental ping is getting too tough to handle, call a loved one, or meet some friends and share some treats, pamper yourself in whatever ways you can.  

Advice 7: Researchers have found that women who are going through an IVF treatment have more chances of conceiving in summer. You can draw inspiration from this fact and brace for fertility treatment. You should replenish your energy reserves with positive vitality. Relax and rejuvenate. This should be the foreword for the initial few weeks. Get enough to sleep. Regularity in sleeping patterns will play a vital role in enhancing your chances of conceiving successfully. Studies have shown that the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep, also plays a determining role in the fertility of a woman.

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