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Endometrial Scratching Before IVF Fails to Improve Birth Rates

If you still believe in endometrial scratching before they do the in vitro fertilization to improve pregnancy, then the internet is divided about this. Some say that it does not improve any live birth rates or the intervention yielded one live birth in 26% of women when compared to the others. It largely remains unclear as to what could be the reasons it might fail. But when there are regular random controlled tests, they had a high risk of bias on one or many items. Thus, clinical heterogeneity was still there. But when it comes to Progenesis for endometrial scratching, you don’t have to think that much. Our efficient team of doctors believes that endometrial scratching increases your chances of getting pregnant. As we have handled such cases successfully.

So it still is not clear whether the endometrial scratching improves anything. So, to simply be safer than sorry, do not indulge in endometrial scratching until the results from a large and proper randomized controlled tests take place and there is an individual patient data analysis.

But what is Endometrial Scratching? What does it mean for the patients?

 In India, there are quite a few couples who have problems conceiving and generally with the help of the IVF clinics, especially the IVF clinics in Thane, they take treatments in IVF or ICSI. When the professionals, like efficient doctors from Progenesis does, the embryos are cultured and taken care of in the lab, and then they are transferred back into the woman’s womb. But, one need to keep in mind that only one out of three embryo transfers result in pregnancy. There is emotional and financial tension but this is one way of getting pregnant.

Endometrial scratching is inflicting mild injury to the lining of the womb as it helps in improving the embryo implantation. For instance, some inefficiencies were found out. The first being the age and the second being the duration of infertility and the effect of the previous treatments too.

 Clarity about Endometrial Scratching

The first time endometrial scratching was introduced, it was introduced as a treatment so the pregnancy rates could improve. It was suggested in 2000. There were many endometrial biopsies at that time to study the various endometrial characteristics of the sub fertile women who could not conceive through IVF. Then, when they tried endometrial scratching, they could see there was an increase in the pregnancy rate. Then, with further studies on this, they finally concluded that the endometrial injury could double the pregnancy rate in sub fertile women.

The reviews of these findings have been different and since there has been reporting in a broad spectrum, many opinions and reviews have come up since then. The findings differ, the studies differ, and also some reviews conclude and interpret differently. There have been some reviews that concluded that indeed the endometrial scratching is associated with the increase in clinical pregnancy rates but there are conflicting views on it too.

The studies here have been biased, and they compromise by high clinical heterogeneity and endometrial should not be implemented in daily practice. This is because you do not know if it is for certain subgroups.

If you want a better shot at the fertility treatment, you can try IVF treatment in Thane. With the help of Progenesis, you can try better IVF or concerned treatments, even the repeated implantation failure (RIF).

What does this technique reflect on?

This technique is done before IVF or ICSI treatments, and they can be effective in those patients that have previously failed IVF or ICSI cycles if you talk in terms of LBR. This technique which is used reflects on the current standards of care and population and it is for both kinds of women: People who are undergoing IVF treatments for the first time and people who have undergone IVF treatments before but failed. In major countries like the UK and US, they are offering this technique but that being said, you need to take the financial aspect of this technique.


Generally, In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is one of the ARTs or assisted reproductive technology which was particularly designed to overcome the infertility problem in a couple and achieve conception of a baby. The normal steps of IVF include ovarian stimulation, egg extraction, then placing the embryo in culture lab, fertilization in the laboratory, implantation of the embryo into the uterus through the cervix.

Now, endometrial scratching is done before this where there is a little uterus lining injury. For a few sets of women, this process worked out and the studies that were conducted were highly biased. However, if you need complete clarity in India, then it is suggested that you as a couple can go and visit the best IVF clinic in Thane. They can help you out with the queries and also suggest possible remedies for solving the infertility issues.

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