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IUI Success Rates – Pregnancy by Age

IUI Success Rates – Pregnancy by Age

There are many infertility treatment solutions available today, out of which, the infertility experts recommend IUI or intrauterine insemination to couples who have possible “male factor” infertility concerns or who suffers from unexplained infertility issues.

Also, in some cases of endometriosis, thick cervical mucus, etc. the implementation of Intrauterine Insemination process is well appreciated by the infertility experts as it provides better results in the treatment.

Though the IUI process is known to bring luck to many couples and help them have a child, what people don’t know is that the chances of a successful pregnancy through IUI process is not so high!

If we consider the IUI success rate calculator, we will get to see that the higher chances of the process getting successful is in women who are under the age of 35 need to undergo more than one IUI cycle.

Repeated attempts are needed for making the IUI procedure a successful one, even if you have not reached the age of 35. Very few women get to conceive after the age of 35 when the IUI process is carried out on them. Thus, we can conclude that the age factor plays a very important role in deciding your IUI success rate and help you have a child through the process.

How suitable is the IUI process for women aged below 35?

When you are aged below 35, your reproductive system remains more active than when you are in your late 30s. That is why, most of the fertility experts suggest planning a baby during the late 20s and mid-30s so that the complications in the pregnancy can be avoided. This rule applies to the IUI process as well!

With the growing age of the women, their fertility starts to decline; their uterus become unsuitable for carrying the baby and their ovaries can be unhealthier to receive the sperm which fertilizes the eggs produced by the ovaries!

So, it becomes a bit difficult to attain pregnancy when you are at an older age, i.e., after 35-40! When a woman is at a young age, her reproductive system functions properly and healthily. The eggs produced are healthy enough to be fertilized by the sperms that are inseminated via the IUI technique.

Thus, it is generously advised for women who seem to have a problem getting pregnant normally, to get themselves tested sooner and start the infertility treatments at an early age as soon as the disorder is diagnosed to prevent any such complications and to increase the chances of a successful IUI procedure!

What complications arrive during the IUI process when the age of the women increases?

In any kind of IVF treatment, the chances of 100 percent success of the procedure is always ruled out. Subsequently, the chances of failure also increases more when the circumstances are not in favour of the infertile couples undergoing the treatments.

Thus, to attempt a successful pregnancy and childbirth in the IVF process, one must be active enough to abide by the healthiness of his/her physical health conditions. When you face repeated failures in IVF procedures, it can close the last doors of your hope in embracing parenthood.

So, taking special care while undergoing IVF treatments is very necessary for every individual to avoid such complexities and prevent IVF failures.

With growing age, the fallopian tubes of the women can be unhealthy, the uterus lining can become thicker, the cervical mucus can be denser, the eggs cannot be healthy enough to be fertilized by the sperms and many such issues can occur which can come in the path of the IUI process. Thus, getting the treatment at an earlier age is desirable.

The closure

Intrauterine insemination is the process in which healthy sperms are put inside the fallopian tube as close as possible to facilitate the process of fertilization and initiate pregnancy in the woman. This IVF treatment is mainly carried out in couples where the male partner is unable to produce enough healthy sperms or has some other infertility issues.

The healthy sperm from a donor is extracted and transferred to the fallopian tube of the woman to facilitate the further childbirth process. The IUI treatment requires few cycles to make the process a successful one.

Sometimes the women who undergo the treatment cannot be healthy enough to receive the sperm to make it fertilize her eggs. So it is an ongoing process which needs repeated cycles and consistency to become a successful one. And the age factor also plays a very crucial role in making it successful.

Thus, if you find out that you are suffering from any kind of unexplained infertility issues or have a more dominant male factor which is causing obstructions in the path of pregnancy, then do not hesitate to consult the infertility experts as soon as possible; delayed treatment may bring hard luck for you!

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