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5 Myths about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

5 Myths about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

It is amazing how female fertility concerns are being taken care of today! We can say that the time has come when not many women will be spared to experience the joy of motherhood. Right from the fertility treatments to the IVF solutions, people today have so many ways to treat their infertility which they did not have some few years back.

When it comes to infertility, people still carry the baggage of certain myths that are nowhere related to the facts and tend to believe them also due to lack of proper knowledge about the same.

Like if you talk about the causes of infertility it varies in different persons and can affect anybody, irrespective of the gender or age factor. But some people tend to believe that only certain things cause infertility and it is more female-oriented and affects the men lesser!

While all these myths will still take time to be busted and the facts to be produced in front of them to be believed, today we shall discuss the myths surrounding the conditions of PCOS– polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is related to the female infertility causes and people definitely have some solid misconceptions about it. Keep reading to know more


Weight gain and PCOS are interlinked

Most of the times, women having PCOS can be overweight due to the hormonal fluctuations going on in their reproductive system. But that does not necessarily mean that when you have PCOS you have to be fat! You can be in your normal shape even though you have PCOS and that can be fine too! Also, if you are already obese then losing those extra kilos might not be easy, as is a common perception. So, the myth around weight gain and PCOS must not always be taken too seriously!


Pregnancy cannot be achieved if you have PCOS

This is the most unrelated PCOS myth that people try to believe. Yes, there may be complications with pregnancy when you have PCOS or at times, it can even lead to infertility but it is a complete myth that if you have PCOS then you MUST be infertile. Women can still conceive and give birth to their child if they have PCOS, it is just that they need to be administered with some drugs and hormones or some other kinds of treatment must be carried out to make the pregnancy and the childbirth a successful one!


If pregnancy is not in your priority now, you must not worry about PCOS

No! This is absolutely ridiculous! Even if you are not married, even if you are in your teenage and even if you are not looking for pregnancy yet, checking for PCOS and getting it treated when diagnosed is very necessary. PCOS is a disorder that is associated with your ovaries; a cyst or the enlargement of the ovary causes the condition and not in any way it is feasible to carry on with this condition. Get yourself the right treatment at the right time when diagnosed with PCOS!


That PCOS is easy to diagnose and you will definitely know it

It is not so easy to diagnose PCOS because it can have common symptoms that may also occur in some other disorders too. That is why you cannot always be sure that PCOS will be diagnosed. So, you cannot get the right treatment at the right time also. Try to get it diagnosed from the best diagnosis centres to not miss out on the chance of getting it treated on time.


You have PCOS if your menstrual cycle is irregular

The irregular menstrual cycle can be the common cause of so many disorders that you cannot think of! And PCOS is not certainly one of those always. Yes, PCOS does come with irregular period’s symptoms but whenever you have such conditions, it does not necessarily have to mean that you have PCOS.

The final thoughts

If you or anyone you know suffer from PCOS and have successfully diagnosed it, then it is obviously good news because you can proceed towards its treatments at the right time. But in cases where the condition is not diagnosed and the women have no clue that they are suffering from the condition of PCOS, it becomes difficult to provide treatment to them at any condition.

Though not always, at times this condition surely harms the female reproductive system, making them fragile to bear a baby. It is then that they become cautious about their fertility and rush to an infertility expert to understand and diagnose what’s wrong with them and why can’t they conceive even after repeated successful sexual intercourse.

It is then that the experts perform some tests to find out the actual reason behind this abnormality in the natural mode of conception and if the condition of PCOS is diagnosed then they tend to provide the required treatment for the same.

The PCOS treatment in Mumbai is done very carefully by the gynaecologists so that not only the female gets a proper cure to the condition but also they can be biological mothers to their child despite having PCOS. So, there is nothing to worry about; just get yourself the best treatment and you are all set! The myths must not be taken too seriously about the PCOS condition.

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