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How To Improve Sperm Morphology

How to improve sperm morphology

The birth of a baby entirely depends on the sperm and ovum- the male and female gametes respectively, without which no baby can be born! Even if you opt for the artificial modes of birth, you will still need a healthy sperm and ovum for the same. While the ovum or the female gamete is fertilized by the sperms, it is only one in number in the female and thereby, does not take the lead in fertilization.

It’s the sperm that counts in this process as because in a single ejaculation, there are millions of sperms that swim towards the ovum to fertilize it and the healthiest one gets chosen for the process while the remaining ones die down or become infertile in the entire process.

However, it is very necessary for the sperm to be healthy in both morphology and anatomy or else it may be a primary root cause towards male infertility. It is evident that there are quite a few more reasons behind a male being infertile or not capable of childbirth, unhealthy sperms count for the most prominent reason alongside others.

That is why it is crucial for men to know how to make their sperm a healthy one or how to improve sperm morphology. Let us discuss more the factors responsible for improving the sperm morphology in details below

But before we proceed further, let’s understand in brief about the morphological characteristics of the human sperms and how they are responsible for childbirth.

The morphology of a sperm mainly depicts the characteristics of it, like the shape, size, composition, etc. And, it is normally assessed using a microscope and other advanced techniques by the experts. A normal and healthy sperm which is able to penetrate the wall of the ovum and fertilize it has the following features in it:

  • Its smooth and the head is oval-shaped, which is 5 to 6 micrometres in length and 2.5-3.5 in width.
  • It has a cap which is known as acrosome which constitutes almost 40-70 per cent of the “sperm head”.
  • The tail, neck piece or the middle part of the sperm is not visibly abnormal.
  • There are no fluid droplets present on the head of the sperm which is bigger in size than the one-half portion of the sperm head.

So, these are the full and flourished sperm characteristics which are mandatory to declare the sperm a healthy one. The Abnormal Sperm Production or any clinical defects of the male reproductive system may lead to missing of these characteristics in the sperms, which in turn, can make them sterile or infertile to a certain level.

Now, we shall move on further to know the ways to improve and sustain this sperm morphology and make it a healthier one. Read on

  • Cut on the unhealthy habits– an unhealthy lifestyle actually affects the sperm health to a very greater extent. And by an unhealthy lifestyle, it does not only mean the eating or sleeping habits of a person. Right from the intake of alcohol and tobacco to having a hectic life schedule, all of them are responsible for making a sperm unhealthy. So, the ones rooting for healthier sperm morphology must cut down on smoking, drinking, late night parties more often, regular dependency on certain drugs, etc.
  • Take lesser stress– it may not be known to all but taking stress consistently not only affect your mental health but also deeply affect your sperm production. The primary cause of male being infertile these days or not being able to produce enough sperms is stress; thanks to the daily life schedule that we are used to! The professional and personal commitments and the busy schedules add to the woes pretty too much! So, you must manage stress well to carry on with a healthy sperm morphology.
  • Take vitamin supplements– vitamins actually prove to be healthy for sperm growth and proliferation. That’s why, in cases where male fertility is concerned and the condition is not too worsened, the health experts suggests vitamin supplements to better the sperms. The regular intake of vitamin C, D, E B-12, etc. can be helpful in increasing sperm motility and sperm count as well.
  • Maintain the BMI (body mass index) – “neither too body weight nor too less”- this is what maintaining the BMI means in regulating sperm health. You should weight approximately normal according to your body size and age to count your sperms as healthy.
  • Eat healthy– nutritious foods and other healthy diets are considered to be the most valued ways to increase sperm health. The minerals, sweets and other such food items that are beneficial for sperm health must be consumed occasionally for better results.

Even though sometimes you try hard, clinical causes may still be responsible for unhealthy sperms and that is when you should see a fertility expert for getting the needed help.

How to improve sperm morphology

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