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How To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

How to get pregnant with irregular periods

It has been a common myth amongst women (and others too!) that when a lady is having irregular periods, she cannot become a mother or able to give birth to a child. While it may be true in some cases, it is not always the case with ladies having an irregular periodic cycle. Sometimes, the condition can be a more critical one and that is when the problem with having a normal pregnancy period shows up with the woman, other than that, women with irregular periods are able to conceive!

But yes, the process and the journey might not be as easy and normal like the ones who have regular periodic cycles but it cannot be concluded that the irregular menstrual cycle makes you entirely infertile. And with so much advancement in medical science, it is stupid to assume that this difficulty cannot be treated and women can’t conceive. Studies suggest that women who get their menses within a variation of 2-3 days are more likely to conceive faster than the ones who have delayed period of 1-2 weeks. But it nowhere proves that they cannot conceive at all! 

There are several ways through which, women with irregular periods can get pregnant and here we are going to discuss those methods in details. Read on to know more about it below

  • Consult with a gynaecologist and find out the cause of your irregular periods and then get medical help to deal with it– there are numerous doctors who are specialist in female infertility treatment and they can surely help you with the irregular periodic cycle problems and get you ways to deal with it. Sometimes simple treatments are all they want to function regularly while sometimes, the treatments can be a bit too complex as well. So, it is better to consult a doctor for the same and get help as soon as you find out you have a problem with your periodic cycle.
  • Understand the pregnancy-sex well as the timing for baby-making sex plays a crucial role in case of irregular menstrual cycle conditions– as the menstrual cycle is the most crucial factor to determine the timing of ovulation in a woman, it becomes hard to observe when to have the baby-making sex to fertilize the eggs. So, it must be soon after you get your menses, you must coordinate the timing of sex with your partner so that the fertilizing process becomes easier and reliable; do not take it lightly!
  • Keep a check on your lifestyle and observe whether you have a consistent irregular periodic cycle or it is related to your unhealthy lifestyle– at times, it is our unhealthier lifestyle that causes us irregular periodic cycles and we often misunderstand it to be a clinical condition and fear having a complex pregnancy thereafter. But it is not the case always that irregular periods are only clinical conditions, our lifestyles play an important role in contributing towards irregular periodic cycle which needed to be changed to get back to normalcy. Like being overweight, taking a lot of stress, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, etc.
  • Get ovulation predictor test done to know the exact time of your ovulation to have the “baby-making sex” for pregnancy– as knowing the timing of ovulation is very important in getting pregnant and having sex at the right time, getting a test done to check its occurrence is well recommended to the women who have irregular periodic cycles. The test must be done just after the conclusion of the menstrual phase so that the exact timing of the ovulation is known well and therefore, couples can use the prediction to carry on the process of having a baby further.
  • Have frequent sex with your partner; the most reliable method– yes, this is one of the most natural and genuine methods to conceive when you are not too sure about your ovulatory phases. Have sex frequently and right after your menstrual phase is over to increase the chances of pregnancy by three-folds. As is known, women remain at high chances of pregnancy I the ovulatory phases, which is right after the menstrual phase and so, having more sex during this time can surely be a good option to get pregnant even though you have irregular periodic cycles.

To conclude, 

Thus, Women with irregular periodic or menstrual cycle should not lose hope about being able to give childbirth as there are numerous options available to them to get pregnant. It is evident that the process might not be easier but it is not the end of the tunnel; there is hope beyond that and they can also feel the joy of being able to give birth to another human being just like the women who have normal periodic cycles.

How to get pregnant with irregular periods?

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