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Abnormal Sperm Production

“Low Sperm Count” Is Only Like a ‘Common Noun’ for a Plethora of Problems

Male infertility over the years earned a different kind of definition. Prevailing in the common masses, this definition suggests that low sperm counts mean having an inadequate number of sperms in the semen to start the course of fertilization with an ovum. This definition is certainly correct. Further, we would explain the technical aspects in this knowledge of the concerned individuals. These will have the power to clear the causes of male infertility more clearly. These alone can open a new door for them where they will be able to understand the worth and power of IVF and ART processes.

What Is the Breakdown of Sperm Quality in the Terms of a Common Person?

In the terminology of a common person, the ‘sperm’ can be broken down into three variants. First, we have this healthy sperm; which means that sperm count in the sperm is perfectly fine. Based on the counts of sperms, there are two more conditions that can be ascertained; the first one is Oligospermia, and the second one is Azoospermia.

Is Oligospermia a Beaten Track for IVF and ICSC?

The condition of Oligospermia suggests that your reproductive system is producing lesser number of sperms. Now, with the arrival of techniques like IVF and ICSC, it is possible that a person can overcome male fertility. Scientifically speaking, in the case an Oligospermia sperm fails to break the cover of the ova, it causes male infertility. However, with the help of the processes like IVF and ICSC, now, it is possible to retrieve a single sperm and make it work for the cause of fertilization.

What Is Azoospermia?

The condition of Azoospermia can also be considered as the deadliest of the causes of infertility in men, as this is one condition where even the processes like IVF, IUI and ICSI fail on an individual. It is a kind of a dead-end. It clearly means that here abnormal sperms cannot be cured and we cannot retrieve a single unit out of them to support the process of IVF.

What Is the Definition Of A Healthy Sperm?

Healthy sperm is the third type of the sperm. Here, we are referring to the sperm that is fine for the purpose of fertilization. It never means that a male with healthy sperms cannot be considered as an infertile man; he can also be infertile. The reason behind his infertility can be something else. Like, it can be some kind of a disorder in the path of the male reproductive system or anything else.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Sperm Well and Figure out the Deficiencies on a Basic Level?

A sperm can be considered as a healthy sperm is it has a concentration of 15 to 20 million sperms per millimeter. If you think that the fluidity or the color of sperm has something to do with it or you can detect it with the help of external or physical symptoms, then you are wrong! Only advanced diagnostic tests can identify this condition. Still, when we figure out the difference between an abnormal sperm and normal sperm, then this is the first criteria that we need to follow.

Have You Heard About That Race between the Sperms?

This is used as a metaphor for cutthroat competition; it is said that we were racing even at the time when we were sperms. Scientifically speaking here, it is being talked about the motility of the sperms. If the motility rate of your sperms is higher than 35 percent, then this can be considered as normal sperm motility. Sperm motility is an important factor because it increases the possibilities of a pregnancy manifolds.

Why You Must Personify a Sperm in Order to Check Its Strength?

Sperms too have a face and body! Well! It certainly is a far-fetched statement; however, when we study sperms under microscopes as advanced devices, we can define a shape for them. A normal sperm may have an oval head along with a long tail. This shape contributes big time to the cause of sperm quality. If this tail and head structure are not normal in a given sperm then it can be considered as an abnormal sperm and it has its own implications on the future pregnancy.

Can We Also Detect an Abnormal Sperm with the Help of Sperm DNA FRAGMENTATION?

Spermatozoon is a physically active cell it is a singular cell. The head part of the sperm carries the information in a form of DNA. Sperm production can be considered as abnormal if the head of semen is carrying damaged DNA. This too weakens the sperm an, which can affect even the success of procedures like IVF sometimes.

What Are the ‘Trying To Conceive’ Tips That Are Mainly Prescribed For Sperm Motility?

Sometimes, the lifestyle of a male can lead to certain conditions where he can fall for an attack of low sperm motility or low sperm count. Here is a list of advices that normally experts procure when they are targeting the impacts of low sperm motility and low sperm count in a patient. These tips can also be considered as an answer to the question – how to increase sperm motility?

  • Take more rest
  • Have healthy diet
  • Stay away from alcohol, nicotine, and other substances
  • Try to avoid inhaling environmental toxins
  • Try and have some sitting postures where testicles can get more air and maintain a cool temperature

Sperm motility, sperm count, and the shape of sperm are some factors that are interconnected to our lifestyle traits; if we are maintaining a positive lifestyle – we have higher chances of getting good results to cure sperm abnormalities. These things can also be considered as sperm motility treatments sometimes as well.

From the Cul-De-Sac to a Tunnel Full of Gaping Holes of Hope and Future Success

See it from the point of view of an IVF expert; sperm abnormality is an opportunity for them to explore the powers of the IVF process to its core. If we try to put a summation to the information that we have presented here, then we can say that, causes of infertility in men are dependent on the normal behavior of a sperm. Broadly speaking, there are four of five conditions that are connected with the male infertility causes. If treatments like IVF, IUI and ICSI are on board, then most of them can be conquered with great ease with an exception to the condition of Azoospermia.

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