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Can high cholesterol affect fertility_

Can High Cholesterol Affect Fertility?

Infertility is a clinical condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of their gender, age, lifestyle habits, etc. But at times, this “clinical condition” does not actually happen on its own; some major lifestyle habits affect infertility, more so in people of today’s generation. Nowadays, every other individual is busy with his or her respective life.

From falling short of sleep to indulging in unhealthy food habits, they do all the stuff that can indirectly affect their fertility, without even them knowing about it. It is obvious that infertility is anything like other health disorders that people have and there is nothing to be ashamed of or to worry about if you face such trouble with your reproductive cycle but when you can avoid it by making certain changes to your lifestyle then why not do that?

Also, the Fertility Treatment these days have become easier and full of possibilities unlike before, so if you can check your lifestyle habits, there is a lesser chance that you may have to face such severity in your fertility. One such health complication that affects fertility is high cholesterol level. Yes, be it a male or female, high cholesterol levels affect fertility to a greater extent. We will discuss more below

What are the complications that arise in the fertility of male and females when they have high cholesterol levels?

When you have high cholesterol levels, the risk of having a cardiovascular disease multiplies. Therefore, it affects fertility as well. Apart from it, the high cholesterol levels in males make their sperm unhealthy and also affects the sperm production. Unless your sperm is healthy and sufficient in number, being able to fertilize the female gamete is difficult and this leads to infertility of the men who have high cholesterol levels.

In the case of females, the main problems with having high cholesterol; levels is that they find it difficult to conceive because of deposition of fat on the lining of their uterus. Also, they possess other risks of having a miscarriage on the later stage of their pregnancy due to high blood cholesterol presence which can affect the baby inside.

At times, even of the female is able to conceive, the baby might acquire heart disease due to the high blood cholesterol presence of the mother. These are the complications that people with high cholesterol levels face during childbirth or before that, which makes the infertile.

How to take control of this condition?

Well, it isn’t too tough for people to control their blood cholesterol levels as because a slight change in their lifestyle can help them achieve it! Like you can practice healthy eating in form of diets which controls your blood cholesterol; levels to normal. You can also practice exercises and work out regimes to keep your body weight in check so that overweight issues don’t block the path of fertility.

Apart from it, sleeping routinely, practising a healthy lifestyle that allows you to control your blood cholesterol level is always suggested to keep away from any such complication that may arise due to it. There is nothing like only females who have high cholesterol levels are affected and have complications in their pregnancy or reproductive cycle; men too are equally affected when they possess high cholesterol levels.

One must always remember that infertility can occur in case of both men and women and having high cholesterols level is one such reason behind it that can be in the case of both the genders. So, if you are still following the unhealthy lifestyle habits that not only affects your overall health but also have chances to lead you to infertility then make sure you change it for good!

The final take

Infertility, like any other common diseases, can occur in males and females at any time. They can be infertile since their birth or they can acquire it later on their lives while growing up; it all depends on the way they are living their life or how good a lifestyle they are maintaining. When you suffer from infertility, you first think of the possible treatment options to deal with it.

Unlike before when people only the option of either surrogacy or adopting a child when they faced any such situation in their lives, today with the advancement in science and technology, people have many other ways to deal with this complication. One can go for IVF treatments, get sperms or ovum donors, and get medications or surgery and other such solutions to deal with their infertility.

But yes, having a check at your health and lifestyle habits surely cuts off the chances of being infertile by a noticeable amount. Check on your weight and cholesterol levels to have a healthy reproductive cycle and enjoy your parenthood generously.

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