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Fertility Enhancers Are Not Just About Food

Fertility Enhancers Are Not Just About Food

When it comes to infertility there are many causes and reasons why people become infertile. Some of the major causes behind it are the lifestyle habits, clinical conditions, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, etc. While you can take measures to prevent infertility, there are treatments and procedures to deal with it even if you have to face any such condition.

The advanced techniques today has made childbirth an easy process for infertile couples who did not have any other option left before other than adopting a child or looking for a surrogate mother. Today the various IVF treatments help to deal with the infertility issues of both the male and female partner. However, one can always try to boost his or her fertility as much as possible so that the chances of being infertile can be avoided if the problem isn’t a birth defect of course!

There are certain fertility boosters that help in enhancing both Male Fertility and female fertility. It’s certainly the food habits that do the best job in improving one’s reproductive prowess, there are more fertility enhancers that can also be taken into consideration for boosting the fertility game. Let us discuss more below

Of course, certain food helps but so do the other techniques!

When people talk about fertility enhancers, what they normally point out is how healthy foods are they consuming. But what most of us don’t acknowledge is that there are other ways to boost fertility as well, except the food habits. It is obvious that certain foods like, green leafy vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, legumes, whole grains, yoghurt, cheese, milk, etc. helps you to achieve active fertile health.

But certain other habits and ways are there which also regulated your fertility health apart from the food habits of course! Fertility enhancers do not certainly mean that it has to be something consumable; it can be anything from your health to hygiene! To start with, fertility depends majorly on how active you are in your life.

Like the men who spend hours sitting in front of the TV has reduced sperms count than those men who have continuous physical activities. Likewise, the females who do excessive workouts also face infertility issues at times. So, the ultimate fertility enhancer counts for the act of balancing your health and lifestyle in a way that it does not make any difference in your fertility.

Some key fertility boosting tips

  • Do not carry the extra burden of stress on your shoulder for a prolonged period. Studies suggest that excessive stress leads to the condition of infertility in both men and women. Laugh more and have a positive outlook towards life to attain better reproductive health.
  • Always maintain proper hygiene in regards to your reproductive organs and also what you intake as any sort of infection whether internally or externally may lead to infertility issues.
  • Get adequate sleep; a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep daily is recommended to boost up your reproductive health. Anything less than that would surely affect your reproductive health.
  • Avoid over-consumption of alcohol and tobacco as it leads to poor fertility health. It may reduce the male sperm count or affect the pregnancy of the females making it worse for them.
  • Do not put in a lot of weight. It is evident that people with obesity issues are more prone to being infertile than the ones who are in good shape. The extra fat on the body does not only increase your weight but also increase the infertility chances by a greater extent.
  • Take up vitamins and consume food items which have a good measurement of folic acid in them. It is a known fact that vitamins and folic acid works wonder in bettering the overall health of all of us. And so, it also helps in increasing the fertility of both men and women when consumed in considerable amounts for long.

And, to conclude

There are quite a few things that affect our fertility to immense levels, amongst which possessing an unhealthy lifestyle is considered to be a very crucial one. One who has prolonged unhealthy lifestyle and one who lives healthily would see massive changes in the fertility rates, irrespective of the gender.

Long hours of inactivity, lesser physical workouts, unhealthy eating, less sleep, excessive smoking and drinking, too much of stress are all causes of unhealthy reproductive health. These things can be controlled by us and we should do our best to do so as because not only our reproductive health but our overall health is also affected when we practice an unhealthy lifestyle.

And if we want to boost our fertility rates then we must abide by some fertility enhancers besides the food that we make to make us more fertile. The given fertility enhancers are sure to help with it!

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