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Things to avoid in pregnancy trimesters

Pregnancy is a very delicate period for women. They face several physical changes which affect their body for the rest of their lives. Women also tend to become very vulnerable and emotional due to the hormonal changes they go through. The mother’s body nourishes the baby and hence the healthier the mother, the healthier the baby. Women who have fertility long to experience motherhood and can take IVF treatment in Thane and consult the doctor on the ideal lifestyle she should adapt to.

The fact is that whatever the mother does: eats, reads, sees, experiences everything is passed to the baby. It is important for the mother to take cautious lifestyle decisions to make sure that the child is safe, healthy and the child develops in a positive environment.

Whether the woman has taken fertility treatment or not, whether it is her first child or not, there are some dos and don’ts that the pregnant woman has to follow at different stages of the pregnancy. The whole pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. In every trimester, the woman’s body needs different nutrients and reacts differently to the same lifestyle. It is thus important that the woman changes the food intakes and her lifestyle accordingly.

Many women suffer a miscarriage due to ignorance of a few things like food intake and wrong lifestyle. Generally, women should avoid the following things in all the trimesters that is throughout the pregnancy:

  1. Alcoholism and Smoking: The first and foremost thing, cut off alcohol and smoking if you haven’t already! Alcohol and cigarettes and other addiction are extremely harmful to the fetus and need to be avoided.
  2. Caffeine and tannin: Tea, coffee and other beverages like aerated drinks are rich in caffeine and tannin content which is harmful to child growth. It is thus important that you cut down on its consumption. You can replace these beverages with fresh juices and smoothies.
  3. Packaged food: Be it fruits, juices, meat, or anything that comes in packed jars or tetra packs, you need to avoid it. The packed food contains preservatives and your body may react in the wrong manner to these preservatives. It is thus important to eat only fresh food. Food that is freshly cooked. Fruits and vegetables right from the farms are the best options.
  4. Avoid the wrong food: You need to choose what you are eating properly. Do a proper research and consult a doctor on which mineral and nutrients that you need to avoid. Here are the general food items that you need to avoid:
    Fish: Omega 3 is recommended to the pregnant women and fishes are rich sources of the same. But not all the fishes should be consumed. Fishes like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish have high mercury levels and these must be avoided.

Eat the eggs right: Eating raw, undercooked eggs can cause food poisoning and can also make the immune system weak. Food products which contain raw eggs like icecreams, Caesar dressings, custards, mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauces, desserts including mousse, tiramisu, and meringue. should also be avoided.

Raw meat and poultry: Although raw meat and poultry is recommended generally, in pregnancy, it is a big no-no! Avoid eating raw chicken in salads and otherwise. The meat should be cooked well before consuming.

Dairy products: Dairy products like raw milk, dairy products made out of raw milk, curds, cheese and butter should be avoided. Every woman’s body reacts differently to dairy products hence you should consult your doctor before consuming or stopping the dairy products.

Certain fruits and vegetables should be avoided during the pregnancy.
Fruits to be avoided: Papaya, black grapes, pineapple.
Vegetables: Cabbage, lettuce, eggplant

Certain spices and herbs: Some spices can cause allergies or acidity which is an ill symptom.
These herbs vary from woman to woman and hence which herbs and spices to be avoided should be checked with the doctor.
Street food and junk food: Women should switch to a healthy diet and avoid eating street food and also junk food. Home cooked food which is healthy and clean is the best for pregnant women.

  1. Taking prenatal medication: The prenatal tests are done before the woman gets pregnant to make sure that her body is healthy enough to conceive and carry the baby during pregnancy. These tests are done especially when the woman is undergoing fertility treatment. But the practice of taking these medicines throughout the pregnancy is wrong. At the end of every trimester or every monthly check-up, the prenatal medicines should be checked if they are needed.
  2. Stress and fatigue: Stress and fatigue can have an effect on the woman’s body of varying magnitudes. Women should take stress management classes, include meditation and exercising in their daily schedule. Fatigue is also not good for pregnancy; women should be active in their daily activity, walk and exercise enough.

Following these tips and lifestyle changes in the pregnancy is highly recommended to all pregnant women to have a healthy and complication free pregnancy.

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