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IVF Treatment – A Ray of Hope Against Infertility!

The changing Lifestyle has brought a great pace and newness to everyone’s lives, it on the other hand has brought many changes that were uncalled for. The changes in the sleeping pattern, eating habits, has made significant changes in healths of individual. Diabetes, Blood pressure problems, vulnerability to other terminal diseases has also increased due to the ill habits which are becoming common to individuals. There is also a significant increase in the infertile couples.

Infertility is the incapability of reproducing through the natural way of having intercourse. Although infertility is not a new found syndrome, it has become more common these days. There are many couples suffering through infertility feeling helpless and accepting childlessness as their fate. Well, like many other diseases, infertility also has its remedies. There are several treatments for infertility that help in ending all the complexities and help in conceiving through natural process. For incurable cause for infertility, there are methods like IVF treatment, which can be adopted to.

IVF has come like a silver lining in the darkness due to sterility. Many couples are resorting to IVF treatment to get pregnant and to give birth to a healthy child. Here are a few things you need to know about IVF:

  1. What is IVF?

    The In-Vitro Fertility treatment is an alternative method of conceiving. When after several attempts of sexual intercourse, the couple cannot conceive, it points to sexual incompatibility or to sterility in either the male of the female.
    When the couple undergoes IVF, both the reasons, ie.e the incompatibility as well as sterility can be treated. In this process, the eggs and the sperms from the woman and the man are extracted and artificially combined in a laboratory to form an embryo. This embryo is then inseminated in the woman’s uterus where it develops and the woman gets pregnant.

  2. What if the male sperms are the reason for infertility?

    Infertility in men is an increasing issue. Smoking and alcoholism which are common habits nowadays have a great effect on the sperm count and sperm motility. The quality of sperm when hampered results in infertility. For the couples in which the man has a very poor quality of sperm, can look for a sperm donor either from their aquaintances or ask for sperms from the sperm bank.

  3. What if the woman has infertility issues?

    Women can have infertility in two ways either they would not be able to conceive due to low egg count or they have a weak uterus which is incapable of holding the pregnancy. IVF treats both the issues.
    For low quality eggs, the woman can be treated by giving dietary supplements and medications which will increase the quality of eggs.
    If holding the child development from the embryo due to the weak uterus lining or endometriosis or some other issue, the eggs can be extracted and combined with the sperms and the embryo so formed can be inseminated in the uterus of a surrogate mother. A surrogate is the one who carries the baby until delivery. When the eggs are extracted from the intended mother, she remains the biological mother. If the eggs used also belong to the surrogate mother, the surrogate mother is the biological mother.

  4. Is the baby born of IVF treatment normal?

    IVF is an alternate treatment of conception, the rest of the process of pregnancy and childbirth is just normal. The child born of IVF is very normal and as healthy as the normal child. As a matter of fact, the embryo when formed in the laboratory can be checked for any genetic defect and any disorder. Only the embryo that is completely normal and fit is inseminated in the uterus of the woman.

  5. How is the mother’s health affected when she undergoes IVF process?

    IVF process has different ways of treating infertility. Some treatments under the IVF are corrective treatments that involve medications to restore the health of the woman by supplementing the deficient nutrients and brining hormonal balance. When the baby is conceived through IVF, the pregnant woman is constantly under observation. Any abnormality is seen is addressed right away. This eliminates any risk involved making pregnancy very safe.

IVF treats couple with all kinds of problems that lead to infertility. Thus it is helpful for couples going through different problems. It is a very safe, affordable and reliable process. There are many success stories of couples in the age group of 50!

IVF is for everyone, for older couples, for same gender couples, for couples with sexual incompatibility. It is an end to the couples who have had several attempts for several years but got only disappointment. Thus it can be easily agreed to that IVF is a ray of hope for couples dealing with infertility.

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