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Enhancing IVF Treatment with Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching

Recent studies estimate that around 50 million couples suffer from infertility globally, which is a quite an alarming figure. This Infertility issue among couples (especially young) is becoming quite common, due to varying causes such as extreme lifestyle, food patterns and excessive use of modern electronic devices in day to day life.

This results in a severe strain in their relationships and families. Progenesis IVF treatment has given a new lease of life to such infertile couples and spread joy in their families.


The In Vitro Fertilization technique is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) commonly referred as ‘IVF’ and has benefited higher as well as indigent strata of society to the huge extent. Now let’s understand the process of IVF with laser-assisted embryo hatching.

In IVF, the fertilization is done by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm/semen sample, and then manually merging an egg and sperm in a laboratory. Further, the embryo(s) is then moved to the uterus which leads to the pregnancy under proper medical guidance.

Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching

Assisted Hatching is around two-decade-old invented technique, which helps to enhance the possibility of successful IVF result. It is basically recommended to the couples who are diagnosed as complicated cases in IVF treatment. This technique is usually carried out three days post-fertilization after the embryo has had a few days to develop.

It is a very delicate process performed by an embryologist to help an embryo to hatch outside the protective protein layer called ‘zona pellucida’. It must hatch out of this protein layer to successfully implant into the uterine lining. Sometimes in complex cases, embryos have difficulty shedding the ‘zona pellicuda’ and this obstructs implantation in the uterine lining.

It is very important to shed the shell so that the embryo can attach to the uterine lining for successful pregnancy and thus Assisted Hatching helps embryos shed this shells, i.e. ‘zona pellucida’.

The zona pellucida enclose an embryo after conception until it attaches to the uterine wall when pregnancy begins. If the embryo is not able to implant, it will fail to grow and eventually die. Embryos freed of the ‘zona pellucida’ have a greatest rate of implantation during IVF Treatment.

How is Laser Assisted Hatching Performed?

This is process performed by an expert and experienced embryologist in which he uses a computer-assisted laser to make a tiny opening in the zona pellucida. Through this little impaired area in the membrane, the mass of cells inside the embryo can easily discharge.

With Laser Assisted Hatching technology and expertise, a small hole is created in the ‘zona pellucida’ on approximately the fourth day of embryo development.

There is another manual way, by which this process is performed, unlike laser assisted hatching. However, nowadays medical practitioners prefer the laser-assisted hatching for better and accurate results in the embryo transfer process.

Who can opt for Laser Assisted Hatching?

Individuals who can opt for Laser Assisted Hatching include:

1)Women having high FSH levels

2)Women over the age of 30

3)Women who have experienced two failed IVF cycles

4)Women who have produced poor quality embryos

5)Women having a distinct thickening of the zona pellucida

Progenesis IVF has the state-of-the-art lab for the embryo hatching-transfer process which is done under expert doctors for immaculate precision. Our expert gynecologist and embryologist perform this process for the highest success rates in IVF treatment.

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