IVF success stories – Pregnancy after multiple IVF failures

ivf success story
Repeated IVF failures and failed treatment cycles might make things complicated. But there is always a solution for infertility. With the proper treatment and guidance, you too can complete your family picture. Just like our patients did!

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The parenthood journey is not the same for everyone. Sometimes, you might need a little helping hand from science, and that’s totally normal.
An estimated 15% of couples struggle to conceive. This means 48.5 million couples worldwide are dealing with infertility. So, you are not alone in this battle.
Repeated IVF failures and failed treatment cycles might make things complicated. But there is always a solution for infertility. With the proper treatment and guidance, you too can complete your family picture. Just like our patients did!

IVF success stories:

Blessed with 2 baby girls after multiple IVF failures

After our marriage, we tried for a baby for 2 years. A year later we thought of taking fertility treatment. We tried our treatments in Mumbai and other clinics in Nashik but did not get any success.
After multiple IVF failures we lost hope and gave up on our dream. A few years passed, and one day my wife saw the hoarding of the Progenesis Fertility Center in the city. We thought of giving our dream another chance and starting it anew.
Finally, I thought of giving motherhood another chance at the age of 35.
We visited the hospital and started our treatment. Within 5 months of our treatment, we got positive results and are blessed with two baby girls.

We experienced the bliss of parenthood after 15 years of our marriage and feel complete now.
We are thankful to Dr. Malgoankar, his team of doctors, for their unwavering support.
Believe, have faith and be patient. You will surely get the best results at Progenesis Fertility Center.

Finally success at Progenesis after 5 IUI failures and 2 repeated IVF failures

We had been trying for a baby for the last 7 years. Various trips to doctors and treatments resulted in nothing but 5 IUI and 2 IVF failures.

It was through our relatives that we heard about Progenesis Fertility Center.

The major difference between Progenesis and other hospitals is the way doctors motivate couples like us who had previously failed treatment cycles.

Right from our first day at the hospital, the expert counseling sessions guided us through the treatment options that best suited our fertility needs.

Also, other fertility centers provide you with the treatment plan and the treatment cycle goes on and on. But at Progenesis our case was studied in detail. The root cause was analyzed after which we were explained the suggested treatment plan.

The positivity in the hospital environment and the reassurance of doctors and other staff helped us take the first step towards treatment. We underwent 2 IVF cycles and got a positive result in the second cycle.

We thank everyone, right from the doctors to the staff members. Thank you for being there at every step, for supporting and having faith in us.

IVF for international patients: What our overseas patients say

A success story of our Ethiopian couple who conceived after 18 years of marriage

We would like to share our whole experience with all those concerned about not having to bear a child. It all started with our numerous efforts to have a baby which included almost 8 multiple IVF failure cycles from the USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and Chennai.

One day through one of our common friends we got in touch with Dr. Narhari Malgoankar. We talked about our concerns with him and he responded with a very logical and convincing reply after which we finally prepared ourselves to go to India for our last hope.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital we were warmly welcomed by the hospital staff. Dr. Malgoankar was so informative and supportive which assured us that we were at the right place.

After discussing all the treatment plans we got positive results at the age of 48 and 42.

We are very happy and would like to share the happiest feeling with those couples who are experiencing infertility. Please don’t waste your time searching for an IVF center, Progenesis Fertility Center provides the best IVF treatments for international patients.

Connect to Progenesis and make your dream come true!

May it be struggling with infertility problems, multiple IVF failures, repeated IUI failures, or dealing with secondary infertility, Progenesis Fertility Center provides the best treatment options for all your fertility needs.

Your parenthood dream does not need to wait any longer with Progenesis. Get in touch today!

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