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ivf success rate in india - progenesis ivf
With all necessary treatment facilities and competent doctors available, the IVF success rates in India at Progenesis ensure 80-85% overall IVF success rate. This rate can even increase during a good run of the treatment. 

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Advanced fertility technologies like IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) are a boon for couples dealing with infertility. Considering the advancements, expertise and experience of doctors the IVF success rate in India, definitely sets the bar high. This next-generation fertility treatment is an advanced ART technology that helps perform the process of fertilization precisely in a lab. 

In the process, a healthy egg and sperm is artificially formed in an ART lab, after which these cultured embryos are transferred back to the uterus for a successful pregnancy.

IVF process may seem hopeful, it does not guarantee 100% success. 

Predicting the exact success rate of IVF is difficult. It all depends on the factors affecting infertility and the outcome of the IVF procedure from couple to couple and clinic to clinic. 

IVF Success Rate in India

With treatment facilities and competent doctors available, the IVF success rate in India at Progenesis ensure 80-85% overall IVF success rate.

These calculations are considering the factors of infertility and are much higher in women under the age of 35. 

Progenesis IVF success rate in India

We are a technology-first, leading fertility chain that has been harnessing hi-tech fertility solutions with innovative treatment methods to ensure a successful IVF pregnancy with 80-85% of success rate.

With the most modern technologies, individualized treatment plans, and experienced fertility specialists we ensure maximum success in your very first IVF cycle! 

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Factors affecting IVF success rates

Age of the female partner: One of the most prominent factors to affect the success of an IVF treatment is the ‘age’ of a woman. 

The ovarian reserve, (egg quality and quantity) gradually declines with age majorly affecting the success rates of the IVF treatment. 

Duration of infertility: If you and your partner are now trying for more than a year, you must get in touch with a fertility doctor. 

If you are above the age of 35 and are unable to conceive, get in touch with the doctor after 6 months of trying.

Infertility causes: There are various causes of infertility, including problems with sperm and ejaculation in males and problems with egg and overall reproductive health in women. Additional factors like unhealthy lifestyles, stress, sleep deprivation, and addiction majorly hamper IVF success rates. 

Previous failed IVFs or miscarriages: IVF failure or repeated IVF failures can be due to a lack of individual assessment or problems with uterine health. Personalized treatment plans are a must in these cases. 

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Expertise of IVF doctor:  IVF success depends on the right fertility clinic having experienced and specialized fertility doctors. This help treat your case with the treatments that best suit your fertility needs.

Customized treatment plans at Progenesis Fertility Center help maximize your IVF success rates by 80-85%. 

Fertility techniques to help increase your IVF success rates

Optimized ovarian stimulation: Despite age, this technique helps obtain good-quality eggs.

Cryopreservation: Even when you are not ready for a child and want to preserve your fertility, cryopreservation is an option for you.  

Blastocyst process: Normally the embryo transfer in IVF treatment happens after 3 days, and  during the blastocyst technique, the transferred embryos are good-quality embryos that survive till day 5 . 

Laser-Assisted Hatching (LAH):  A small crack in the outer coating of the embryo is made with the help of a laser. The process helps in the easy hatching of embryos and better implantation in the uterine lining.

Endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA): The technique studies the endometrium at a molecular level. This helps in understanding the cause of recurrent implantation failure.

How can I increase the IVF success rates?

Here are some natural ways to boost your chances of a successful IVF. 

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Watch out for your eating habits
  • Taking prenatal IVF supplements
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Relax and unwind
  • Cut out on any addictions


IVF is a treatment of choice, for people diagnosed with specific infertility issues. The IVF treatment approach varies depending on the patient’s condition.

Get IVF-ready! Increase your chances of a healthy and successful IVF pregnancy with Progenesis Fertility Center. For more information Call us at:+91 70309 44041 or get connected on WhatsApp: +91 94239 71620 

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