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8 Best Foods to Increase Fertility in Men

8 Best Foods to Increase Fertility in Men

Gone is the days when people only blamed women for any infertility related issue. Today, with the implementation of education and knowledge in various sectors of life, a major portion of the society knows that men and women both can be infertile and its not only related to the females of the society!

When we talk about male infertility, there are a number of causes that are responsible for the same, out of which the reduced sperm count or unhealthy sperm production are the most common causes. Apart from these, the non-erection of the penis, the male sex organ, is also considered to be a primary reason behind them being infertile.

Hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating habits, etc., add more “fuel” to the infertility concerns of the men in question! At times, the infertility of men is not always linked with the clinical condition and it can be increased with certain foods and lifestyle habits.

For all those who don’t know which food to eat to increase male fertility, here are some suggestions that might help. Read on to find out more

  1. Dark chocolate- this is a delicious treat to the men who prefer dark chocolate. The presence of amino acid L-arginine in the dark chocolates help in doubling the semen production and sperm volume which is very effective in deciding the fertility of men. Also, it is rich in antioxidants that increase fertility as well. But do not have overdosage of it or else the condition of weight gain may prove to be more fatal.
  2. Walnuts- Walnuts are very rich in omega-3-fatty acids which directly enhances sperm production, influences its motility and vitality, improve its morphology and all these, in turn, increases the male fertility efficiently. You can add walnuts to your daily salads or take them as afternoon snacks depending upon your liking.
  3. Oysters- oysters contain zinc and foods that are rich in zinc are very beneficial to men who have infertility issues. The zinc present in them helps in increased sperm production, thus paving a way to better reproductive health and fertility of the men.
  4. Pomegranates- the antioxidant content in pomegranate helps in improving blood circulation and causes testosterone surge which improves the quality of the sperms. Apart from these qualities, consuming pomegranates consistently can also increase your sex drive, boost your sperm count and help in bettering your fertility to a greater extent.
  5. Bananas- these are fantastic male libido boosters which show direct effects in the sperm production of men. Also, the consumption of whole bananas continuously causes regulation of sex hormones to increase sperm production and its fertilizing ability as well. They also contain enzyme bromelain and vitamins A, B1 and C which helps in the production of sperms to a greater extent.
  6. Blueberries- blueberries contain powerful antioxidants that include resveratrol and quercetin which helps in bettering the sperm health. It enhances sperm motility and also helps in maintaining better sperm health that boosts the fertilization process. If you can eat a handful of the blueberries almost daily then it can prove to be very beneficial in increasing your fertility.
  7. Lentils- though lentils show a very important effect on both male and female fertility, it is actually more effective for the males suffering from lower fertility rates. The presence of natural folic acid or folate in the lentils helps in fighting sperm abnormalities and enhances better sperm production. Thus, consuming lentils regularly can prove to be beneficial in bettering the male fertility.
  8. Tomatoes- tomatoes can be considered as one of the best sources of increasing male fertility as because it contains lycopene, the antioxidant which improves sperm motility and health. Apart from bettering the motility rate of the sperms in the males suffering from infertility issues, the antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes also promotes better sperm structure and activity which in turn helps in the further process of fertilization to a greater extent.

And to conclude

Being infertile has nothing to do with being shameful or worried. It is just like any other clinical condition that people might face in their lifetime, irrespective of their gender. As far as the male infertility is concerned, in most cases, it is a clinical condition whereas in some cases, the lifestyle that they lead affects them as well.

Today there are many modes of treatment available across the globe which helps in treating any sort of infertility related trouble that you may have. The fertility clinic in thane also possesses expertise in delivering the best treatments to the patients that suffer from this disorder to ensure they can also enjoy parenthood like other normal couples. And if you want to know how to boost male fertility, then the above-mentioned foods can surely be of immense help!

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