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Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy Reversal: Purpose, Procedure & Success Rate

One of the many benefits of a male undergoing vasectomy is that it’s reversible. A patient who has undergone a sterilization surgery or a vasectomy, now desirous of having a child can undergo a procedure of reconnecting the cut ends of the vas, known as vasectomy reversal.

When to opt for the treatment?

Up to 6% of men change their minds after a vasectomy and wish to father a child again. The following conditions may need a vasectomy reversal:

Vasectomy reversal is a quick day care procedure where the patient can go home the same day. It may take 4-6 months for the semen parameter to stabilize. At 6 weeks, the first semen analysis is performed. The effectiveness of vasectomy reversal is 90-95%. The procedure is more successful if microsurgery is performed as it allows precise approximation

Precautions to Take During vasectomy reversal
The risks of the procedure are rare but may include :

Fast Facts:

Our Success Rate:

90%-95% of the people undergoing this treatment

How Common is it:

6% of the patients undergone Vasectomy

Average span of treatment:

1-4 hours of seatings for 4-6 months

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