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Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation: Purpose, Procedure & Benefits

Get to choose your fertility stage with the new fertility preservation techniques
Fertility preservation is yet another breakthrough achieved by medical science. Initially, it was a sub-process that took place during the IVF process only; however, now it is emerging as a full-fledged separate branch. It is a branch where more and more people are coming under this umbrella to preserve their fertility for non-fertile days. Simple techniques like egg freezing and embryo freezing can change a lot of individual lives. The practice of fertility preservation is increasing with each passing day. Now, when processes like IVF have already won the trust of many people, fertility preservation is emerging as a very handy option for many couples suffering from various conditions.
How Does the Egg Freezing Process Can Help an Individual Suffering from Cancer?
Various radiations in the treatment of cancer can cause early menopause in women. Apart from that, these treatments can also affect the fertility of women considerably. In the past, experts were using certain shields and other techniques to prevent this damage. Even then, they were not very sure of their success. However, things have changed completely during the first decade of the 21st century, when the processes of IVF and others have taken over the charge of infertility completely. With the arrival of techniques like IVF, preserving fertility has become a more effective process now. In normal conditions, an egg can persevere for eight to ten years without much problem. During this process of egg freezing, the female ovum is removed from the body during certain days of her menstrual cycle and frozen in the bank for the course of future fertilization.
What Is Sperm Freezing?
Freezing sperm is a similar process when we compare it with egg freezing. If you are going for cancer treatment, then you should first consult with the oncologist and check out the impacts of various tests and treatments. Once it is done, then you can always consult an IVF expert and go for the process of sperm freezing. It is an important exercise because through this you can always retain your fertility against mishaps and other conditions.
Benefits of Female Fertility Preservation

The reproductive system is severely affected as a result of cancers and subsequent treatment. Exposure to chemotherapy or radiotherapy can either cause subfertility, infertility or lead to mutations in the genes within the unfertilized eggs which can result in fetuses with genetic anomalies.

However, with the advent of female fertility preservation, women undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy can preserve their fertility for future needs.

Conditions Wherein a Female Should Undergo Ovarian Tissue Freezing?
Ovarian tissue freezing has emerged as a boon for many people, who were going for various cancer treatments. Now with time couples who want to start their family at a later stage of life are also opting for the process of ovarian tissue freezing. Many female professionals wish to delay the process of pregnancy because of certain career-based reasons. The process of ovarian tissue freezing can help them a great deal in realizing their career goals and have a biological kid during the later stage of their life. Most people are under the impression that they should go for processes like embryo freezing only during the conditions when they are a victim of infertility. Here, we would like to say that, it is true that you are fertile now; however, things may change in the future. The day is not far ahead when the culture of freezing sperms and embryos will become more rampant among healthy people as well. After the arrival of processes like egg freezing or embryo freezing, women will be able to enjoy the prime time of their life with great ease. Therefore, they don’t miss out on anything by delaying the process of childbirth. The processes of IVF, egg freezing and sperm freezing have emerged as the valid answers to various socially relevant questions. These questions were prevalent in urban societies where working women were sacrificing their career at the prime time of their life and heading towards a point of no return in a career.
Is Sperm Preservation and Embryo Freezing the same?
Preserving an embryo is very different from preserving a sperm. Preserving an embryo means, we are preserving a fertilized egg. In clinical setups, where processes like IVF take place, they often go through the process of embryo freezing. Here, with the help of an IVF process, an egg is fertilized first which gives it some chance to grow, and then finally, it is frozen for future use. Now, it is quite clear that, since it is happening with the help of both ovum and sperm, and this is why, the participation of a couple is required in this process. The process of sperm freezing however is altogether a different process. Here, all we require is the presence of the male-factor. There are many sperm banks where a person can store his sperms and use them when he wants; it is a day-to-day process for fertility specialists dealing with advanced processes like IVF. It is a sub-process in the main process of IVF where they are required to freeze sperms, ovum, and embryos. Now, in the current theory, some people are also using it to preserve fertility and such types of users have created a separate branch of sorts for many people. The process of IVF has emerged as a big solution for an infertile couple. In the past, it was an endless road for many couples, because as we all know that the detection of infertility normally takes place late. If a series of treatments fail miserably, often a couple finds itself standing on a juncture where they find that their fertility days are over. IVF can overcome this situation completely for these couples. It is a process where they can handle the process of fertilization quite effectively and this way they can manage things more prudently and more successfully. IVF started its journey as a medical process; however, now it has become a lifestyle solution for many couples. Now, they can run in the case of a career like never before and freeze their fertility periods with the help of various available treatments.
What Is the Social Relevance of Embryo Donation?
Laws in various countries are now coming up with a legal framework to accommodate the process of embryo donation. They are trying hard to ease the life of couples and donors by bringing in a legal framework where the interests of the donor and the couple are served well. They are trying it hard to bring in the format of a contract for the couples and the donors. After the increasing success of processes like IVF, various societies in the world now appreciate this practice. There are many places where they conceal the real identity of the donors to keep the legal hassles at a distance. It is a booming trend that is catching up with the passage of time, creating an alternative for infertile couples suffering from the problem of female factor failure.

Fast Facts:

This treatment is best suited to patients

About to undergo chemotherapy

Wishing to delay

With a desire to protect future fertility


वेरिकोसिल म्हणजे पुरुषांच्या टेस्टिक्युलरमधील एका किंवा दोन्ही अंडकोषातील नसा वाढतात. हि स्थिती प्रामुख्याने पुरुषांचे फर्टिलिटी परिणाम बिघडवते. बाळ होण्यात अडचणी येऊ शकतात. पण चिंता करण्याचे कारण नाही. सर्जिकल उपचार, नॉन सर्जिकल उपचार आणि आधुनिक फर्टिलिटी उपचारांनी गर्भधारणा शक्य आहे.
महिलाओं के स्त्रीबीज और पुरुषों के शुक्राणु एकसाथ जुड़नेसे महिला को गर्भधारण होता है। शुक्राणु के बिना गर्भधारण असंभव है। अस्वस्थ शुक्राणु के कारण गर्भधारण करने में समस्या होती है। लेकिन IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI जैसे बहुतसे आधुनिक फर्टिलिटी इलाज से गर्भधारण संभव है।

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