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Digital High Mag Sperm

Digital High Mag Sperm – Dream of a Baby Coming True for Many Couples Who Lost Hope!

When the reason for several miscarriages and pregnancy problems is male infertility, you need not be worried or tensed at all. With the advancement in technology and medical science, there are grown possibilities to overcome such deficiencies of male infertility. One of such answers is Digital High Magnification Sperm.

What is Digital High Magnification of Sperm?

Men, who have severe deficiencies related to sperm morphology or with sperm having mid or high range damaged DNA, tend to have higher than usual pregnancy loss or miscarriages. In such critical cases, scientists have developed a technique, which involves the magnifying and enlarging of the sperm images to more than 7300* in comparison to 200-400*, which is normal in ICSI treatment, with the use of high magnification and high enlargement techniques of sperm. The specialist then uses the best sperm with redefined sizes and shape information to inject it directly into the egg. This particular technique of advanced infertility treatment is known as Digital high Mag Sperm.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

After checking with the motility (the sperm’s ability to move forward) of each sperm in a Petri dish under a microscope, it is then slowed in a viscous solution to assess them more closely and minutely for their shapes and sizes. To determine the size more appropriately, a template is held on the computer screen and the best one perfectly sets on the template. This one will have no visible patches on it and will be egg-shaped. The last step is done by pushing the sperm to the end of the dish and giving a smack to its tail, thus disabling it. Now, the sperm is ready to be injected into the egg.

Who Can Undergo This Treatment?

The Digital High Mag Sperm is a treatment that is generally suggested to patients with high range of male infertility. Those with mid to high range of DNA- damaged sperm can undergo this form of treatment. The disorder related to the DNA damaged Sperm is basically genetic, and in some cases also, it is caused by environmental or lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking and diabetes etc. In some cases, exposure to toxins like chemotherapy can lead to the damage of chromatin or some genital tract infection.

What Is the Success Rate for This Type of Infertility Treatment?

Research is still being conducted with this recently modified technique of infertility treatment, which is known as Digital High Mag Sperm. Those couples, who have undergone ICSI cycles once or twice but have yielded negative results, were surveyed and found that, the success rate of being pregnant and also that of delivery was higher in this respect. The magnification of the sperm has improved the quality of it, thus making it more able in bringing fertilization.

What Advantages Are Available with Digital High Mag Sperm?

  • This treatment of infertility has the capacity to open doors of conceiving their own genetic child to those couples, who have otherwise lost hope of getting pregnant and having their own child in their arms mainly due to male infertility issues. Those males, who are not being able to conceive, just because the sperms that they produce are either having mid to high levels of DNA fragmentation or are of low motility rate, means they do not possess the capacity to swim forward normally, can have the chance of conceiving with the help of this technique of Digital High Magnification of Sperm.
  • You might have opted for ICSI treatment for having a child and you have failed a cycle; give this process of magnifying your sperms a chance and you would be able to enhance your chances of getting pregnant, as the success rate for those, who have a history of failed ICSI cycle, is higher to attain pregnancy, resulting to successful delivery.
  • Couples with a history of unidentified male infertility cases are common, who can be easily benefited with this treatment of Digital High Mag Sperms.
  • As this treatment involves the selection of the best sperm, so the chances of overcoming the risk of miscarriages are decreased with this process, thus leading to successful delivery of happiness.

Are There Any Risks Associated with the Process?

  • In this process of treatment, since there is a male infertility factor being treated, there remains a chance of genetically transmitted disorders of being transmitted to the male offspring.
  • The sperm being used here is a mid to high level of DNA fragmented sperm with disorders like low motility of the sperms, which are being magnified in the laboratory, though they remain weak in some cases leading to questioned pregnancy.
  • During this process, sometimes, very long exposure of the sperm to non-physiologic conditions may lead to sperm DNA damage, leading to unusual embryo development, and most importantly, giving birth to abnormal offspring .
  • In most recent research, it is also noted that higher frequencies of congenital abnormalities and birth weight fall in new borns is being associated with this sort of infertility treatment.

What Is the Cost Range for Digital High Mag Sperm?

The cost of the popular infertility treatments like IVF and ICSI ranges from 1, 50, 000 – 2, 50, 000 INR in many renowned infertility clinics! Digital High Magnification of sperm is an advanced technique where the male infertility disorders are treated under advanced laboratories to bring the sperm into normal shape, size and motility, which helps couples to conceive.
Infertility is a disease and it must be accepted more broadly in the society. Almost 10% of most newlywed couples are facing the problems of Infertility these days. It happens naturally with no fault in the part of the husband or wife. May it be due to male infertility or female, science has the answer and treatments for all such cases. One step ahead of minutely treating the sperm is also possible with the high digital magnification IVF has opened new doors of happiness for many couples.

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