Digital High Mag Sperm

For a proper understanding of the sperm, a detailed study is required. Digital High Mag Sperm enables it. It is a technology in which the image of the sperm is enlarged to over 7300x magnification compared to standard 200-400x. It helps in studying the size, shape, and morphology of the sperm in great detail, which facilitates the selection of sperm and improves fertilization and pregnancy rate.

When to opt for it?

This treatment option should be opted for by men with:

Severely reduced levels of sperm morphology

Mid to high range of DNA damage

Sperms that have undergone this procedure produce more fertilized eggs, more embryos to transfer or freeze, and a significantly higher pregnancy rate of 13-36% for a male with damaged sperms.

Fast Facts:

Our Success Rate:

13%-36% of all male infertility cases

How Common is it:

Average span of treatment:

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