How to identify a good IVF doctor?

A fertility doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist, who specializes in reproductive treatments and infertility. Fertility treatments involve an intense process that takes a great deal of attention and care. This is why it is critical to choose the ideal reproductive clinic and expert for your needs.

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Fertility treatment is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of attention and care. Which is why it is extremely important to select the best fertility clinic and specialist for you. You can ask your loved ones for advice on selecting a fertility expert, as well as conduct your own research before committing to a specialist or a clinic. Here is how you can select the best IVF specialist for you.

Select the clinic appropriate for your needs

The first step before consulting with a fertility specialist is to select the clinic that you believe is good enough to take care of your needs. Clinics operate in a variety of ways. For example, certain clinics are expressly designed to serve same-sex couples, so they may be more suitable for donor egg or sperm treatments.

Other low-cost clinics provide restricted treatments for individuals on a tight budget. If you wish to choose among these clinics, inquire if they provide treatments that are appropriate for your medical condition and type of complexity.

Who is the right fertility doctor for you?

You will most likely find a variety of doctors at different clinics. For example, some facilities use general practitioners to conduct initial consultations with patients before referring them to a licensed reproductive specialist. Other clinics only have qualified fertility specialists.

Most fertility experts are gynaecologists and obstetricians who have had additional training in assisted reproduction technologies. Some will have completed the CREI (Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility), while others will have specific areas of focus. For example, if you are a man with fertility issues, you may want to go to a clinic where you can see an andrologist. Alongside, you should also consider selecting a doctor who makes you feel at ease. Fertility treatment is demanding, so look for a doctor who discusses things clearly and listens to you so you feel fully educated.

Lastly, while committing to a doctor, you should inquire if they will handle all of your consultations and procedures, such as egg pick-up and embryo transfers. Some clinics may have a list of experts for procedures, so you may visit a different doctor on occasion.

Consider these while starting your fertility journey

When you are done narrowing down your search to a list of competent doctors and reputed reproductive clinics with excellent success rates, it is time to consider the following factors while finalizing a fertility specialist’s team for your treatment:

1. Staff at the fertility clinic

From the nurses, to the front desk, to billing, everyone in this hospital setting should make you feel enthusiastic and hopeful. While your fertility specialist plays a crucial part in ensuring you receive proper reproductive care, patients have to rely on the office personnel for scheduling fertility consultations, executing doctor’s prescriptions, coordinating treatments, facilitating testing, and tracking progress. Furthermore, skilled staff can assist patients avoid serious complications and increase their chances of success.

2. Resources and services

It is crucial to find out about the top embryologist at the fertility center of your choosing. You must also ask questions like- does the lab contain up-to-date equipment, like incubators and lasers? Is there sufficient staff in the lab? Is the lab equipped to handle all the required operations in-house, or do they bring in outside specialists for some procedures like Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD?

Furthermore, it’s important to be sure the clinic you choose has the fertility treatment options that you need. Remember to study the services offered by your clinic, including IUI, IVF, and fertility preservation, and confirm that you can achieve your objectives with the clinic of your choice. Services at your clinic should include fertility testing and diagnostics as well.

3. Attitude toward communication

The most important element of a successful fertility practice is communication. Is the doctor available to respond to your inquiries? When you phone the office, do they always answer? Are employees responding to your emails? Do the clinic staff return your call in case they fail to pick up earlier? In addition, does the physician try to explain the procedure to you when you speak with them?

An organization that functions well has effective communication. In the end, you want to entrust a clinic or agency that runs smoothly and takes good care of your needs.

4. Cost structures

Fertility treatments can be expensive. However, for some patients, finding a clinic that charges “reasonably” can be the difference between being able to receive treatment or not.

It is evident when a clinic prioritizes revenue over reproductive success, so it is important to find out- does your clinic provide financing alternatives or payment plans? Do they take insurance? Do they work together with investors? The clinic’s priorities might not be in the proper place if money seems to be more essential than treatment.

5. Clinic accessibility

Is your doctor available for consultations? Is it possible for you to arrange an appointment according to your schedule? Treatment for infertility is already challenging enough; your clinic shouldn’t add to that difficulty by imposing rigid appointment schedules and unrealistic hours.

Location is usually not a deciding factor when choosing a reproductive clinic. When receiving IVF or other fertility treatments, traveling is normal, and seeing someone further away is definitely worthwhile for a higher chance of conception.

6. Success rates

It’s crucial to be aware that certain fertility clinics, in an effort to maintain their high success rates, either refuse to disclose difficult or unsuccessful fertility cycles or entirely turn away individuals with extremely low odds of becoming pregnant. Because of this, you should always speak with the doctors and staff of the IVF clinic, and not solely rely on publicly accessible success rates when choosing your fertility clinic.

Difference between a good and bad fertility doctor

Deceptive doctors often take offense when patients question or disagree with their suggestions for treatment. This is not a very healthy tendency for both the doctor and the patient, as good doctors will actively welcome questioning because they realize that the end result of an IVF cycle is unknown. No matter how skilled a doctor is or how well they treat the patient, they are required to communicate some of the uncertainty involved in an IVF cycle, and they do so proactively so that the patient has realistic expectations and understands exactly what will happen. This allows the patient to be in control and reduces their anxiety while also increasing their faith in the doctor.


What to ask at the fertility clinic of my choice?

You must ask certain questions before selecting a clinic for your treatment, such as:

1. What facilities, services, and equipment are offered in the clinic?
2. How long has the center been providing infertility treatments?
3. How successful were these treatments?
4. How efficient and prompt are the staff people working there?
5. How frequently is the doctor available for IVF consultation?

What to ask my Fertility Specialist?

Patients should be a little more educated and aware of the fertility treatments they are about to undergo. You can ask the following questions to the fertility expert of your choosing in order to get clarity on your treatment procedures and better your chances of a successful conception:

1. Are there any lifestyle changes I can make to increase my chances of having a baby, with IVF?
2. What are my chances of success, and how many IVF sessions will I need to conceive a baby?
3. Are there any potential risks or side effects of the infertility treatments I’m about to undergo?
4. Are there any simpler, safer options?
5. What will be the cost of my treatment?

Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate?

Progenesis IVF center spread across Maharashtra has the highest success rate with 7000+ successful cases in a decade.

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