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Fertility Treatment Solutions to Solve Pregnancy Problems

Fertility Treatment Solutions to Solve Pregnancy Problems

The rate of infertility across the world has touched umpteen numbers and so, the modes and techniques for the same have also developed in recent times. People today are accessible to various methods of infertility treatment to feel the joy of being a parent. Not only the women, but men also face certain issues with their reproductive system that leads them to be infertile, such as the production of lesser sperms, unhealthy sperms, non-erection of the penis, improper hormonal balance, etc.

So, the myth around infertility that is more common in the rural areas that only women bear the burden of infertility must not be perceived and people must be educated enough about infertility treatments so that they can get help on time. Today, there are so many advanced methods to deal with infertility other than the clichéd medicinal treatments. Today, we are going to discuss more infertility cases related to woman and how she can achieve pregnancy using the artificial means if she cannot make it to a natural pregnancy.

Let’s explore more below

  • Artificial insemination– it is efficient in cases where the male partner cannot produce enough sperms or healthy sperms to fertilize the female eggs. Hence, the healthy sperm is introduced to the female uterine cavity or the cervix of the female to achieve pregnancy. It’s also applicable in cases where the natural sexual intercourse between partners do not cause pregnancy and therefore, through this in-vivo technique the pregnancy is achieved.
  • In-vitro fertilization– unlike the in-vivo technique mentioned above, this mode of fertility treatment is different. It is carried out outside the body and which is why it is termed as in-vitro fertilization. In this process, the egg and sperm (or the female and male gametes respectively) are fertilized in vitro to achieve the zygotic condition, which can be processed further for the successful achievement of pregnancy in the females. In this process, the ova from the female ovaries are separated and the sperms are made to fertilize them in a laboratory under expert guidance and are effective in cases where this normal process cannot take place inside the reproductive system of the females.
  • Frozen embryo transfer– in cases where the women cannot produce the fresh and healthy embryos anymore or are unable to do the same, the frozen embryos from a previously fresh and healthy ovulation cycle is first thawed and then successfully transferred back into the woman’s uterus to acquire pregnancy. The embryos are frozen in the cryopreservation technique from the previous ovulation cycles to use it for the treatment of the infertile women.
  • Ovulation cycle track– the rising cases of infertility relets a lot to the busier and unhealthier lifestyles that today’s couples are leading. And result? Increasing infertility. Too much stress, excessive smoking and drinking, unhealthy sleeping and eating habits, etc. affect the fertility to some extent and thus, it makes the pregnancy a bit tougher for the couples. So, keeping track of the ovulation cycle, and the time when the chances of fertility are most high, means right after the menstrual period is over, might help you achieve pregnancy if you indulge in baby-making sexual intercourse with your partner.
  • ICSI treatment– the full form suggest intracytoplasmic sperm injection and as is evident by the name, it is a type of in-vitro fertilization technique which is used when the male infertility is at a point which is too severe. This process involves the direct injection of a single sperm into the mature egg of the women to achieve pregnancy.
  • Vasectomy reversal– the name suggests the technique itself; it is a process where the male reproductive parts are connected again through surgical procedure after it went through a vasectomy. Vasectomy can be the cause of non-pregnancy in females but when this process is reversed, the male reproductive parts start to function normally which helps in the pregnancy in a natural way as it occurred before the vasectomy procedure was done.

To conclude,

The above-mentioned methods are some of the most preferred fertility treatments solutions that solve the pregnancy problems in women. Though some of them might be a bit expensive, the results are definitely worth the money. You can trust the best fertility clinic in thane to get these treatments done at a lower cost as compared to the other fertility clinics in and around the area.

Today, the treatment options have increased by leaps and bounds which has also invited some wrongdoers to take advantage of the situational crisis and dupe couples of their money promising them of the best treatments. That is why the infertile couples must be very sincere while choosing the right health experts and treatments centres for their infertility problems so that their hopes are not diminished and their money is not wasted. With the infertility clinic of thane, you get both!

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