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5 Surprising Signs of male Infertility You May Not Know About(1)

5 Surprising Signs of male Infertility You May Not Know About

Infertility has always been a sensitive issue for both men and women. The feeling that you can’t give birth to a child literally takes time to go down well with the individuals suffering from this disorder and thus, the phase brings them to a state of stress and depression at times.

Today, at least there are many more options available to the infertile couples than what they had before. The increasing advancements in the IVF techniques and the modern technologies used to make them successful have indeed become a boon for the couples who lost hope in being parents to their own child.

The hope doesn’t die…

In some cases, you can even be a parent to your own biological child and it does not have to be necessarily the gene of other donors. But major issues that prevail amongst the infertile couples of our society is that they tend to delay the treatment processes and keep denying treatments for the same.

Many conditions lie societal, mental, emotional, etc. plays a vital role in preventing infertility treatments or even seeking help from the experts for instance! Therefore, a lot of them end up suffering more severe infertility issues than they had in the initial period.

So, it is always recommended that you sort help from the infertility experts whenever you notice some symptoms related to the disorder in either or both the partners.

Today, we are going to discuss some male infertility signs which might not be well known to all and therefore they would ever know that they might be suffering from infertility issues. Timely intervention can help treat the disorder in a much better way.

 Let us know the infertility signs of the male in details below

  1. Decreased libido or sexual urge– usually men are the ones who are aroused sexually much frequently and have the urge to be physically intimate with the female partners more often. But when you see any such behavioral disorders where the males find it difficult to be sexually involved with the females or they face decreased libido, then it could possibly be a sign of infertility that they might be ignoring a long time. Take the help of infertility experts if you suffer conditions like this and not shy away from getting treatments.
  2. Inability to smell– well it might be really surprising but the disorder is real in men who have infertility issues! It is a genetic disorder known as Kallman’s syndrome, it is puberty disorder and also very rare. Some people may ignore this sign by assuming it to be normal but it has fertility connections and is often considered as a serious sign of infertility. This condition leads to some disorders like “hypogonadotropic hypogonadism” or testicle malfunction which results in decreased performance of the male reproductive ability and hence making them infertile.
  3. Varicocele of the testes– the swelling of the testicle veins result in this condition in males which obstructs the sperm flow and count, thus leading to infertility issues in men. So, if you notice such varicocele issues of your testes, consult a doctor immediately.
  4. Low sperm count– it is considered to be one of the most sought after signs of infertility in men. Sperms counts matter a lot in fertilization of the female egg and thus, decreased sperm count can result in serious male infertility. It occurs due to various reasons and hence, an individual must see a doctor for help if they find reduced sperm count.
  5. Ejaculation disorder– no matter how healthy and sufficient your sperms are, if you face problem in ejaculating them or have an issue with penis erection then it might lead to infertility issues. There is treatment through which these disorders can be treated and for that, you need to see a fertility expert.

The bottom line

No matter whether a man or a woman is suffering from infertility, it is painful either way. it’s just that the females are more prone to (so-called) society’s taunts and teases rather than the males who easily blame the women for the same rather than figuring out whether they have any such issue with their reproductive system or not.

It is at times that people don’t actually understand that they are infertile and let go of going for check-ups or any infertility treatments. That is why it grows more with time and when untreated it can shape up in permanent inability to give birth as well.

Therefore, it’s well advised to all men that you acquire knowledge of signs and symptoms of being infertile so that if you face any such difficulty in the “birth-giving process” with your partner then you can get treatments done quickly and consult an infertility specialist before time runs out. The above mentioned surprising male infertility symptoms do count as prominent signs which need immediate intervention by the doctors.

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