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5 Signs of Male Infertility you must not Ignore

It may seem surprising that even on having the most natural and simple lifestyle in the greater parts of India infertility among Indian men is on the rise. Leading doctors claim that increase in pollutants (especially xenobiotic compounds that damage the reproductive organs), higher stress levels, and poor diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits are responsible for the rise of infertility among Indian men. Getting to know the exact causes for male infertility can help you overcome it.

These are the 5 warning signs of male infertility:

Loss or hair and low hair growth

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and it is also closely linked to hair growth in men. Testosterone triggers facial hair growth in puberty. It also maintains the normal hair growth. This is why changes in hair growth can indicate infertility problems. Sudden hair loss or hair thinning are two of the most common problems in men with fertility issues. It has been found that men who have moderate to severe hair loss have 60% lower sperm volume. Because of this correlation hair loss can indicate low sperm count and thus infertility.

Decreased Libido

Hormones are again connected with sexual behaviour. Men are often portrayed as sex-starved animals, which is an exaggeration. The reason for that is men have much higher levels of testosterone and since this hormone also controls sex drive, men have higher libidos. If you notice that your sex drive has suddenly dropped, it could indicate reduction in testosterone levels and that can ultimately reveal infertility.

Erections & Ejaculation problems

Weaker and less erections can indicate an underlying testicular problem that may be the reason for infertility. Problems with erections and ejaculation are almost always indicate hormonal imbalance and low testosterone levels. As low levels of testosterone can cause infertility, weaker and low number of erections can also indicate an underlying testicular problem that that is causing infertility.

Testicular pain, Lumps, or Swelling

Varicoceles is a condition that causes swelling in the testicles which affects about 40% of men with infertility. Varicoceles are swollen and enlarged veins around the testicles in the scrotum that also cause swelling of the testicles. It commonly occurs with the left testicle. This is a fairly common problem and often leads to infertility. Doctors commonly rule out this problem for infertility. Similarly, Spermatocele is another common problem that can cause infertility. A Spermatocele is a small cyst that feels like a firm lump in the scrotum.

Advice from Progenesis Infertility Centre

Although infertility is generally linked to hormonal deregulation, many other infertility problems in men do not have any outward signs which can lead to obvious conclusions. If you have been trying to conceive for a year or more without success, you should visit a fertility specialist who will suggest a basic semen analysis test to make sure that your sperm count and mobility are fine. Sooner the problem is addressed better it is.

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