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When To See The Doctor For Infertility In Men And Women_

When Do You Need To See The Doctor For Infertility In Men And Women?

Infertility is mostly always associated with both mental and physical stress. Although the science and technology has developed today, paving way for infertile couples to have their own babies through the IVF process, it still puts them into a lot of mental stress (and of course physical stress too) which takes time to heal.

It is the moment of pain and agony when you realize that you are unable to give birth to a child. No matter how advanced technological means we use to have a child of our own, that feeling of being infertile or inability to give childbirth always remains with us.

There are a lot of reasons behind a person being infertile which ranges from hormonal imbalance to genetic disorders, but at times, these clinical conditions can be treated when you take timely action.

Do not delay the process of treatments

The more time you take to see a doctor when you cannot conceive, the greater the risk of permanent infertility occurs. The lifestyle habits also play a very crucial role in regulating a person’s reproductive abilities and thus, today’s couples are more prone towards being infertile due to the unhealthy approach towards their everyday lifestyle.

In our society, female infertility is seen as a more grave offence (yes actually!) than male infertility. People make the women feel like they have committed some crime and this increase their frustration more than the very fact that they can’t become biological mothers to their kids.

But the people of this so-called chivalrous society forget that infertility is just like any other diseases that the humans can have and with proper treatments and techniques, there are ways to deal with it, at least in today’s time!

Therefore, as responsible human beings, we need to be more aware of the facts related to infertility, whether we suffer from it or not and must know when to see a doctor if we face such circumstances. We will discuss more on that below

When should men see a fertility expert?

At the time, the process of pregnancy might take time and it can have no relation to a person being infertile. But when this process exceeds almost a year of unsuccessful attempts, then you must see a doctor. When it comes to male infertility, the convenient time to see a doctor is

  • When you find a problem in the erection of the penis; the male sex organ.
  • When you feel problem in ejaculation.
  • If you face decreased sexual urge or problem during sexual intercourse with your partner.
  • If you notice reduced or inability in sperm production.
  • If there is an infection around your testicle

Apart from these, there are certain infertility symptoms for men like problems in smelling, recurrent infections of the respiratory tracts, varicocele of the testes, gynaecomastia, less masculine features, hormonal imbalance, etc.

You can start infertility treatment for male only when you get to know what problems you have and thereby what kind of treatments is possible to improve your infertility condition.

For the females, these signs include

  • Majors Period cramps;
  • Cannot conceive even after successful ejaculation.
  • Irregular, painful, heavy or no periods.
  • Pain while performing sex
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Reduced sex drive and late attainment of puberty.

And other symptoms like weight gain, thinning of hair, facial hair growth, PCOS, etc. are also reasons that can be related to infertility.

So, these were some signs of male and female infertility which when they face, must consult the doctors immediately without much delay.

To conclude

Infertility does not only come with the inability of producing a baby but it has much more to it than we get to see. It includes emotional, societal, monetary and physical involvements of not only the couples facing it but also the ones who are attached to them.

It is indeed tough to deal with and needs proper care and handling on each of their parts to help the couple overcome from this sensitive phase of their life. Unlike before when there wasn’t much option available to the infertile couples to have a baby of their own, today even people who are single get to have their own kids through the IVF process just to continue their heredity.

So, today being biological parents and being parents to children born through IVF techniques have almost become equal, just the processes differentiate, otherwise having your own child is no big issue; thanks to the advanced IVF techniques!

But all these can only be applied when you see a doctor when you still have the time or else delayed process means lesser chances of successful IVF processes. Thus, if you or someone close to you is facing problem in childbirth, do not hesitate to see a doctor and stop analyzing whether it’s the man or the woman who is infertile; that’s the job of the fertility expert!

For more details,

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