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What is ICSI Treatment

What is ICSI Treatment?

One of the best actual forms of micro-manipulative assisted fertilization that deals with high rate of success is ICSI. This method offers a high rate of success with low risk for complications or damage to the egg and is used for male factor infertility.

ICSI is a method used to improve the phase of fertilization, basically by injecting a single sperm into the maturated egg during IVF. Once the sperm is inserted, the inseminated egg is then moved to the woman’s uterus or fallopian tube.

The first step in the ICSI process is egg retrieval from the female. Usually, hormones will be administered in order to mature the egg follicles and ensure that a few viable eggs are present for retrieval. An infertility specialist will then retrieve the eggs from the follicles. This egg will be used in the ICSI attempt.

The next step is to find a healthy sperm. Ejaculate is preferred, but if there are no sperm present in the ejaculate, sperm cells may be taken directly from the testicle. This sperm is collected with a small needle and then injected into the waiting egg, previously harvested.

Moreover, the egg is always fertilized in the lab. Here, it can be checked for normal growth and development. Then, the best fertilized eggs most likely to survive will be implanted into the uterus through (IVF).

ICSI is a part of the IVF treatment. It is not always necessary for couples attempting IVF to accompany it with ICSI. If sperm motility, sperm count, low number of healthy sperm or no sperm present is a problem for you, then ICSI along with your IVF treatment can increase your chances of success. Your doctor may suggest ICSI if you have had unexplained unsuccessful IVF attempts. If testicular cancer is a concern, sperm can be retrieved and frozen before treatment. This frozen semen can be used later in an ICSI treatment.

The quality and viability of these embryos be contingent on the quality of the eggs that are formed. ICSI and IVF methods can upsurge the chances of a couple being able to conceive a child, in most cases.

What is ICSi Treatment

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