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What are the Benefits of ICSI

What are The Benefits of ICSI Treatment

If you thought that infertility was an issue which only women struggle with, think again!  Men can also have this depressing problem. In fact, with rapid modernization and urbanization worldwide in recent years, male infertility is becoming a real issue, especially for married couples. This article will discuss options for male infertility treatment.

Have you heard of ICSI

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a practiced used during an in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF). With a typical in vitro fertilization treatment, the female’s egg and the male’s sperm are placed together anticipating that the sperm will go into the egg and fertilize it. However, with ICSI an embryologist will insert the sperm directly into the egg.

Well, currently 15% of married couples worldwide face fertility issues.  In approximately a quarter of the cases, the infertility issues lay with the men.  ICSI is becoming popular in developing nations as more and more of their people adapt to the Western lifestyle which can lead to infertility issues.  One of those developing nations is India where ICSI Treatment India is increasingly sought after.

How does ICSI Treatment India work?

The sperm is injected into the egg when ICSI treatment is involved.   Since the procedure is very successful, many men suffering from low sperm count consider it to be a godsend!  ICSI uses only the healthiest, strongest, most viable, and most fit sperm, therefore it helps those men suffering from sperm quality issues.

ICSI Treatment Benefits

ICSI indeed has many benefits.  Many reproductive doctors love ICSI since it increases the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy when combined with other IVF techniques.  However, ICSI is very successful even when used as a stand-alone infertility procedure.  According to the latest statistics, the ICSI procedure results in successful pregnancies approximately 85% of the time.  Additionally, many couples who have tried to conceive using IVF procedures many times in the past, but have failed can dramatically increase their odds of achieving a successful pregnancy by using the ICSI procedure.

ICSI is not perfect though

“Wow, there is finally a miracle treatment out there!  I have had some issues with trying to get pregnant in the last year, and I think it is because of my husband.  I want to try ICSI!”  Well, before you decide to try the ICSI procedure, visit an infertility doctor to determine if the key issues behind your struggles to conceive lie with your husband.  Also, you should know that while ICSI has its many benefits, it is no miracle treatment.  Some common risks are explained in more detail below:

  • A slight risk of the developing embryo having chromosomal problems exists
  • The sperm used may be of lower quality and have some serious chromosomal abnormalities like Klinefelter’s Syndrome.
    • Men who believe they have these problems should be tested before considering the ICSI treatment procedure.
    • Some evidence exists which indicates that the ICSI procedure may damage the developing embryo in some instances
    • Usage of the ICSI procedure has resulted in immediate disintegration of the egg

ICSI Treatment is the best option

The great thing about ICSI is that only one single sperm is really needed for fertilization to occur, thus increasing the chances of success. Furthermore, the egg is always fertilized in the lab. Here, it can be monitored for normal growth and development. Then, the best fertilized eggs most likely to survive will be implanted into the uterus through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Well, you should know that all IVF procedures come with risks and benefits.  You may want to think twice before making your final decision because the risks associated with ICSI are very low!

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