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Signs You Might Be Super Fertile

Signs You Might Be Super Fertile

Do you often ponder on the most fundamental question, that of: “when are you most fertile.” You know that an answer to this question will allow you to focus on high probability period that will improve your chances of getting pregnant right away. Regardless of the reasons, women could gain a significant amount of control over their health, fertility and reproductive planning simply by getting in touch with their cycles.  The probability of doing well outset is higher when you recognize your fertile period. The fertile time of a lady is resolute by examine her menstrual cycle. Normally, the cycle is a 28-day cycle. Through the 14th day following a period, the ovum is unconfined. This process is known as ovulation and the days 12 to 16 days following a period are assumed to be a woman’s most fertile period.

During ovulation and several days after ovulation are considered the most fertile days of the cycle. This is the most excellent time to make an effort to conceive. However, if fertilization does not occur, the egg in the Fallopian tubes disintegrates and the uterus starts to produce prostaglandins that change the blood flow to the uterus. The menstrual period starts and then the cycle begins again.

As soon as the couples discover the fertile period of the female, they can go forward with pre pregnancy planning and enhance the probability of getting pregnant when they want to. They use this technique to not conceive through the planning phase. There are factors that have an effect on fertility such as health of the couple, obesity, the stress that they may have etc.

Age is the most important factor in knowing the fertile period of the woman; elder women are not as much of fertile as younger women. Having a perfect body weight, eating nutritious well-balanced meals, staying away from teratogens, adopting life style changes during the fertile period of the woman will absolutely enhance your chances for a conception.

Signs you might be super fertile

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