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Second Trimester Pregnancy Care Tips

For a pregnant woman, the second trimester is a very relaxing and a significant phase in the pregnancy. In the second trimester, many physical changes are seen in a woman. The baby bump comes to notice, the mother starts getting a very soothing glow on her face, the happy hormones are making their magic on the mother, and she becomes more energetic, joyous and glee.

Nausea, the sickness, and tiredness subside slowly. The morning sickness is also gone, and the mother becomes more comfortable in the pregnancy. This phase is where the fetus starts getting a shape and the formation of a human in the womb begins. Through the ultrasound technique, the baby’s body can be identified. The head, the legs, the hands and the body begins to form.

Since it is a child development stage, women need to concentrate on their diet, exercise well, and lead a lifestyle that is nurturing and nourishing for her child.

The second trimester is the time when the couple needs to make important choices about the birth of their child. It is a crucial time to decide where to deliver the baby, whether you will need external help from a nurse or some relative or if you can do everything on your own.

These tips are recommended by Progenesis Fertility Center, the best test tube baby center in Mumbai.

It is a phase which will make you both, super excited and nervous at the same time. Here are some guidelines on how to cope with the second trimester.

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