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Precautions to take while choosing a Surrogate Mother in India

When all the other fertility treatments like IVF have failed there is only one way to have a child of your own. It is getting a surrogate mother.

If you are thinking of getting a surrogate for having a child it is extremely important to be cautious while selecting one. Legal and medical issues are very important to address in getting a surrogate mother.

In general, there are two types of surrogacy:

  • Gestational – Gestational surrogacy is the one which only carries the pregnancy for the intended parents after implantation of the embryo in vitro in the clinic laboratory. The surrogate mother here is just the carrier and no genetic connection remains between the baby and the surrogate mother.
  • Traditional – Traditional surrogacy involves the pregnancy by a natural or artificial process involving the whole process of pregnancy with the surrogate mother. This type bears a relationship between the baby and the surrogate mother.

The Gestational type of surrogacy is mostly preferred over the traditional one, since it involves lesser legal complications than the later.

Here are the precautions you need to take while choosing a surrogate for your child:

Find out how the clinics get women as surrogates

Fertility clinics or surrogacy clinics have database or surrogates. They are mostly women who are friends or relatives of the women have been surrogates before. It is very important that they select the options for your surrogate wisely. You cannot compromise on anything when it comes to getting a surrogate for your child.

Make sure that the woman has done proper documentation

A surrogate mother has to do documentation by providing all original documents related to their name, age, address, marital status, husband name, bank account, gestational parity, children, etc. Checking her background is also necessary.

Inquire about her medical conditions if any

A surrogate mother is expected to undergo investigations (surrogate screening tests) to get into a surrogacy program. The more the clinic the better it is. Hysteroscopy, ECG, Chest X ray, all help in ruling out any medical problems that might be present. A fertility expert will evaluate the hormonal status, pelvic condition, etc. Medical counseling is done explaining the expected and unexpected complications of pregnancy. Dental checking can reveal about tobacco addiction.

Know about the legal issues

Knowing all the laws concerning surrogacy in India can be a very good precautions measure. They can be better known from a lawyer who has dealt with the issues of surrogacy. In case of surrogate, a lawyer personally explains the rights over the child, obligations under the contract, repercussions of failing to meet any clause, in language she and her husband best understands. Keeping clarity in all the things is a must at this step so that you are not susceptible to any legal issues later.

Discuss financial concerns in surrogacy

You should seek a person or team at the surrogacy clinic who can explain you and the surrogate the financial terms, payment schedule, incentive payables, obligations, if any. On every step ensure the financial arrangement is explained to her satisfaction and signed off in a manner satisfying to both parties. Make all the payments through checks and only at the name of the surrogate mother.

Check the psychological state of the surrogate

Make sure that the surrogate undergoes psychological evaluation in the clinic from a psychologist. This makes us understand her mental preparation, commitment to program, and any past traumas or figure out mental disorders if she has been through any.

The criteria for selecting a surrogate have to be as follows:

  • Her age must be strictly between of 21-35 years. Most preferably – 21 to 30.
  • She must be willing to undergo physical, medical and psychological evaluation and tests.
  • She must be having a sincere desire to help infertile couple achieve parenthood.
  • She must have had her own child before.
  • Is aware of the hazards of addiction (smoking / tobacco / alcohol) on pregnancy and the baby.
  • She must have delivered, preferably, more than 2 years before.
  • She must be ready to sign all the legal documents that mention the rights of actual parents over the child.

Caring the surrogate in her pregnancy:

·  Her nutrition

Make sure that the surrogate gets optimal nutrition under the guidance of doctors. That is better for both- her and the baby. Dietician at the clinic can help you out with that.

· Medications during the pregnancy

Make sure that the medications are given under supervision of the clinic. Do not neglect any of the things related to medicines and their intake.

· Yoga, meditation, and other activities

Encouraging yoga under the supervision of an expert, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, making her listen spiritual music can all contribute to a healthy mind and a healthy pregnancy.

· Keep transport Eveready

Keeping private or personal transport ready is a must during the last months of pregnancy so that you can take the mother to hospital instantly if there is any emergency.

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