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IVF Pregnancy with PCOS or Endometriosis

IVF Pregnancy with PCOS or Endometriosis

There is nothing sort of losing hope in your ability to give birth, even if you are diagnosed with infertility issues. With all the advanced IVF techniques available today, you can have your own baby, no matter how complex your reproductive system is! The factors which lead to infertility of men and women vary accordingly.

Sometimes it can be purely the effect of lifestyle habits or sometimes it can be a clinical condition and for all the infertility issues, there is some or the other kind of treatment available. The problem or complexity arises when infertile women are diagnosed with disorders such as PCOS or endometriosis.

Pregnancy in normal females who suffer from these disorders is already a difficult procedure, let alone pregnancy with PCOS or endometriosis. As the entire birth giving procedure involves the endometrium and the ovary, thus suffering from disorders in which these two reproductive parts are affected can be of a huge negative point for the would-be mothers.

Also, at times, polycystic ovary syndrome plays an integral part in contributing to the factors of making a woman infertile and almost 8-10 per cent women worldwide face infertility due to it. But thankfully, it is treatable and there’s nothing like losing hope of becoming a mother when you suffer from either endometriosis or PCOS.

PCOS and IVF pregnancy

The women who suffer from PCOS do not ovulate regularly and hence, tracking their ovulation cycle is difficult. It is due to which, getting them pregnant normally is difficult. Also, with irregular periods and sometimes absence in menstrual cycle leads to many problems and complexities in normal pregnancy procedure.

But it is good news that women who have PCOS can still have their own babies with the help of IVF treatments and procedures. It is because when you implement the IVF procedures, the main problem of the production of ovaries or female eggs to conceive is not taken into consideration.

Instead of the ovulation phase or waiting for the ovary to be active so that it can be fertilized by the sperms, the IVF process uses techniques such as intrauterine insemination or ZIFT, etc. to directly transfer the fertilized ovum into the uterus or fallopian tube to process further development of the pregnancy process.

As women with PCOS syndrome possess difficulty only in producing ovary and then onwards the entire reproductive functionality is in good condition, these IVF techniques show almost fully successful rates when implemented on the infertile women.

Endometriosis and IVF pregnancy

Endometriosis is the degeneration or inflammation of the endometrial linings due to which the menstrual cycle of the females is affected or the signs of hormonal imbalance show up. In females suffering from endometriosis, the estrogen levels increases and thus it makes the condition of endometriosis more complicated.

That is why normal conception is such women can be delayed or problems with pregnancy can arrive due to which they are often regarded as infertile women. But with the introduction of the IVF process, there is nothing much to be worried about its success.

Apart from the in vitro processes, the additional hormones injection is also carried out during the IVF processes which make the pregnancy condition a stable one. Thus, women suffering from endometriosis do not possess any such risk of an unsuccessful IVF procedure and can happily be the mother of a child through the help of the process.

Also, there are certain treatments available for the women suffering from endometriosis, which when shows successful results then there is no need of worrying of the females. They can also become permanent in the normal procedure and become a mother of their own biological child.

The bottom line

Infertility in itself is a very saddening phase in the life of every couple who are unable to give birth to a child or unable to reproduce. But unlike before, today, the option to treat is infertility has become immense and there are many couples worldwide who are now happy parents to their own child even though they cannot reproduce biologically.

That is why it’s very much needed that you understand your bodily needs and consult a doctor immediately if you feel there are some issues with your reproductive health. Most of the times, the couples who face such issues delay in consult the fertility experts thinking it is just normal and they would be able to conceive soon but this is where the mistake lies.

Sometimes delaying treatment can actually cause you permanent infertility while taking treatments in time can heal the issues. Therefore, do not neglect the next time you face failed pregnancy attempts and consult your nearest infertility specialist soon. You can also visit the Test Tube Baby Center in Thane in case you doctor suggest you take help of IVF treatments to deal with your infertility issues.

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