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Explore Your Fertility Treatment Options in Thane

Explore Your Fertility Treatment Options in Thane

In today’s time, the increase in cases of infertile couples seeking help from the fertility experts for the IVF treatments is proof that the world is accepting the advancements and have become open to the IVF procedures. If we go by the statistics, there are many infertile couples who are now happy parents to their children who were born through the IVF process and leading a healthy life now.

It would be complete foolishness if you don’t embrace the modern advancements in science and technology and show off your traditional values so that you don’t have to undergo the IVF procedures. It is high time you realize that being infertile is just another disease which any human can face and there is nothing sort of being ashamed of it or feel bad about it.

Our researchers have worked day and night to find out solutions to the infertility issues and we must be happy with such advanced procedures which have now brought the ray of hope in the lives of millions of infertile couples in question!

And so, if you or your near ones are suffering from the infertility issues, then do not hesitate to consult the infertility experts near you for seeking immediate help. Today, we are going to discuss some options available for Fertility Treatment in Thane which might be of immense help to all those couples who cannot give birth to a child biologically.

Let us explore more below

  • Artificial insemination

This is done when the male partner is infertile and cannot produce sperm or have low sperm count or faces problem in ejaculation and erection. In this procedure, a sperm donor donates his sperms which is inseminated artificially into the female uterus so that it can fertilize the egg or ovum to carry on the further process of fertilization and go on to give successful childbirth.

Almost similar to the artificial insemination techniques, the Intracytoplasmic sperm injection process is also concerned with the male fertility issues where the sperm from the donor is directly injected to the matured egg to initiate the process of fertilization and thereby successful pregnancy.

  • Frozen embryo transfer

It happens when the mother cannot produce eggs or ovum and thus, the frozen eggs outsourced from another female donor is fertilized in vitro and transferred to the mother’s uterus for the further process of the fertilization procedure.

  • IVF treatment

In vitro fertilization, as it is known, is a technique used outside of the body of both the partners to carry out the fertilization and transfer the zygote into the fallopian tube of the mother who is normal to carry the baby in her womb and process further childbirth technique.

  • Surrogacy

This is one of the most traditional forms of treatment of infertility which has prevailed from a long time before where couples hire a surrogate mother to give birth to their child when the female partner cannot conceive or carry the baby in her womb. Though it dated back to history, today a lot of modifications have been implemented in the process and has helped many couples through this.

  • Ovulation cycle tracking

Many a time, women cannot track their ovulation cycle when their ovum are most active to get fertilized and misses being pregnant when they perform sexual intercourse during a less active stage. Thus, ovulation cycle tracking is very important to deal with the infertility issues and so, by using this method, the fertility experts can guide you towards pregnancy in a better way.

The closure

If we go by the statistics, there are almost 50 million couples worldwide who suffer from infertility each year and the numbers really high to be worried about! It is the high time people realize that infertility is neither a curse nor something to be ashamed of; it is just like any other diseases that humans can face in their life and it is treatable also!

At times people do not seek help from the fertility experts because they feel shy or ashamed that they will be put to question by society. But what they don’t realize is that delaying in seeking help can cause them more harm than good and they must never delay in taking help from the experts as soon as they realize there is some problem with their reproductive health.

So, if you have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and falling in every attempt, then you must not delay it and consult a fertility expert immediately to seek guidance on your reproductive health in a proper manner.

The above options of infertility treatment are some of the major processes that can help you have a child of your own even though you cannot reproduce biologically. There are numerous other options of Fertility Treatment in Thane and you must consult the specialist there for further assistance in your infertility issues.

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