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How to Deal with Two Weeks Wait

For some, pregnancy comes as a surprise, unplanned and joyous while for some, pregnancy comes the hard way. After consulting several doctors and after several medications and therapies, when the two weeks wait i.e. the time period between the ovulation and the time when the home pregnancy test provides a feedback- is very overwhelming. It is the time period when the only and constant thought of being or not being pregnant pops up. It is very difficult to cope with this period as the fear of the result being negative is too high.

For those couples who are facing it for the first time are very anxious and excited as all they are hoping is the result to be positive but for those couples who have faced this period and gotten a negative result, the two week wait is no less than a torture. It is very stressful as the pain of getting a negative result keeps coming back to them. It is a very difficult time to pass. These two weeks wait are considered as the final phase of IVF treatment.

Remember, getting nervous, stressed and anxious during this period can only yield counterproductive results. So relax and read through all the different ways to get away from the two week wait period stress-free are described below.

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