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When Should I See a Fertility Specialist_

When Should I See a Fertility Specialist?

One can easily get access and find more on the online avenues to discuss the concerns and questions and get answers to their fertility questions. Being very proactive about your reproductive health along with seeking expert advice from a fertility surgeon or a fertility specialist can definitely help you on the path to your parenthood.

On average, it takes a couple for 5 to 7 months to conceive. So if you have only been in birth control for a few months, there is nothing to be concerned about. There are a lot of couples in India nowadays who are working with their OV/GYN but yet have not received any success of conceiving a child. However if more time has passed and you yet have not conceived, it is very important that you seek medical attention.

The best option or resort for these people is to visit a fertility specialist in Mumbai.

A fertility specialist is basically a doctor who mainly focuses on the diagnosing and the treatment of the fertility problems in both the men and women. These doctors have four years of medical School experience and other four years of residency training and specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology or urology. You are always advised to look for a fertility specialist who is board certified.

What are the causes of infertility?

Infertility can happen to a vast number of reasons. It is crucially important that you seek the expert advice of a fertility specialist in Mumbai so to sort out the possible reasons so that these can be narrowed down and the appropriate treatment is given as soon as possible.

The most common infertility problems in women are age, chronic medical conditions, low quantity of body fat, previous miscarriages and irregular or absent menstrual cycle.

Foreman the most common reasons are low sperm count, their age, the testicles exposed to a higher temperature, history of genital infection or having mumps after puberty.

What can a fertility Expert do?

A fertility expert can be of great help for the couples who are facing problems of conceiving a child because they can easily diagnose and treat the problems related to infertility. Some of the main problems that they treat are abnormalities of the fallopian tube, endometriosis, ovulation problems and PCOs or the most common polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Women who at least have had two or more miscarriages would also benefit from such type of consultations. They will also help you diagnose the cause of miscarriage and guide all the problem so as to help them in successfully delivering a baby to term.

When you should see a fertility Expert?

If you are a female of the age of 35 and yet have not conceived even after 12 months of unprotected sex, we highly recommend you to see a fertility doctor. If you are over the age of 35, we would suggest you see a specialist after 6 months of unprotected copulation id the conception has not occurred.

However, if a woman has irregular periods or no periods at all, it must mean that you are not at all ovulating, thus making it difficult and nearly impossible to conceive on your own. While there are many reasons for you missing a period, but the ovulatory disorder is the most common disorder thereby causing infertility in women.

If you have been actively trying to conceive, couples having unprotected sexual intercourse for more than 6 to 12 months, depending on the age must always seek a fertility consultant.

But if you have decided to go on with the treatment, both the partners have to be evaluated medically at first. This basically involves a detailed medical study and history for both plus bloodwork, the ovarian reserve testing, the ultrasound of the genital parts and HSG test for female and semen analysis for male.

What are the medical conditions that warrant seeing a medical fertility expert at the earliest?

  1. The prolonged absence of a menstrual cycle.
  2. If the male partner is having a problem achieving or getting an erection.
  3. All sorts of complex medical conditions.
  4. The genetic disorders that might affect the couples ability to conceive a child.
  5. Two or more miscarriages.
  6. History of sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome or the PCOS.
  8. Family history or previous cases of early menopause

What questions you must ask a fertility specialist?

It can be very difficult for even the most mature and prepared couples to know the right questions to ask the doctor. Some of your questions might include:

  • Why haven’t I yet conceived?
  • What are the tests that I need to do?
  • Can you order a semen analysis for my partner?

Seeking the help from a fertility specialist in Mumbai can help you with a lot of benefits. It is a cost-effective way of successfully conceiving and it can also educate the couples on having and leading a proper and healthy lifestyle for the proper health of the baby.

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