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What To Do After Embryo Transfer To Increase Success Rate_

What To Do After Embryo Transfer To Increase IVF Success Rate?

The path to parenthood is not always easy for every individual or couples. They might have envisioned it to be something wonderful but when they find out that they are infertile all the hopes shatter promptly.

Though infertility is just like any other disorder that can affect human beings, it is still associated with certain emotions and sentiments of the couples who cannot give birth to a baby in the natural procedure.

But thanks to the first IVF treatment followed by successful childbirth that took place in the year 1978 (Louise Brown), now many couples see hope in their utmost dark phase of infertility to have their own child through the method.

The in vitro fertilization treatment has since then delivered millions of babies worldwide who are now living happily and healthily and brought joy to the lives of their parents!

 Embryo transfer process in brief…

In the IVF solution, the female whose egg cells are to be fertilized is extracted from her ovaries by the infertility experts and fertilized by the sperm of the male donor or her male partner in the lab. Once the male and female gametes are successfully fertilized, the egg cell starts multiplying, forming embryos.

The embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus where it attaches itself with the wall of the womb and confirms pregnancy. But one has to wait for a period of almost two weeks for the confirmation of pregnancy and this “waiting time” is enough to make them anxious and worried.

But you must not get carried away with the emotions and be practical during this time. There are some more guidelines that you can follow to keep your calm and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy during the waiting phase after a successful embryo transfer. Read on

  • Be calm– one of the major aspects of the IVF Success Rate depends on the calmness of your mind. When you are mentally stable and do not suffer anxiety or depression, chances are more, that your IVF procedure might be a successful one. So, take it easy and chill as much as you can. Remember that it is not the end of hope and you still have chances to repeat the procedure.
  • Take enough rest but do not be inactive– rest is needed for every woman who has undergone the embryo transfer process but not like you are lying on your bed all day. It is more like being active enough to not let your body be dumb but take enough rest so that your body does not feel fatigued or weak.
  • Have balanced and healthy meals– this is very important even after you get pregnant. When you follow a balanced and healthy diet plan the chances of pregnancy increases along with the healthiness of the mother and the fetus. Include everything in your diet from fats and proteins to carbohydrates and vitamins. Avoid eating too much junk foods and keep away from smoking and drinking.
  • Do not do strenuous physical activities– as mentioned earlier that your body needs ample amount of rest during this period, likewise you should not indulge in anything that makes you feel weak and fatigued; in short, do not do physically strenuous works or exercises for that matter. Do simple freehand exercises to keep the healthiness alive.
  • Train your mind to accept the fact in case it’s a failure– prepare yourself in this phase in a way that even if the result turns out to be negative you won’t be shattered or heartbroken. Be ready to accept the fact that it might turn out to be negative but you must not lose hope and try again! When you remain positive, the chance of a positive result increases.
  • Spend more times with the ones you love and your support system– spending time with family and friends who are close to you, is a better way to set your mind free! The more you remain out of the company the more you will overthink which is not good for the pregnancy. Enjoy, have fun and be positive during the phase.

The takeaway

If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines carefully, you may find out that there is no much you can do to make your embryo transfer a successful one but following these methods can definitely bring a change to the way the embryo transfer process works.

Sometimes choosing the best infertility expert for executing the process also matters a lot alongside following the above guidelines to make the IVF treatment a successful one.

Thus, the next time you find out that you are having issues with your fertility do not hesitate to consult an infertility expert as soon as possible. Always remember delaying the treatment may bring more complications and so getting early treatment is recommended.

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