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What is the difference between surrogacy and test tube baby_

What is the difference between surrogacy and test tube baby?

In today’s advanced world, there are so many ways out there to treat the condition of infertility and to be happy parents to your own child, even though you are infertile. Although the disorder of infertility dates back to ancient times, the treatment options only got modernized and advanced in the past few decades.

Earlier, people used to be very anxious and upset with the fact that they are infertile and cannot give birth to a child and the disability was dealt with very brutally in various parts of the world.

It was more associated with only the female genders as science and technology (also education) was not as advanced and easily accessible back then and people only thought that it is the woman who is always infertile while the men can never have such conditions.

Times have changed

Well, thanks to the modernization and improved educational conditions, now most of the people know that this conditions can affect both but there are way more techniques and treatments to deal with infertility today than it was before!

Before all these technological advancements happened, the infertile couples only had the choice of adoption or surrogate mothers (which was also a very difficult process to execute) for having a baby without having to go through any biological or artificial processes.

But today, there are numerous options to not only treat infertility but also to deal with the permanent infertile conditions and to have a baby of your own.

Out of all the methods, the test tube baby procedure is considered one of the popular methods of having a baby even though you cannot reproduce. The surrogacy treatment is still popular though and is very much effective in case the female partner cannot carry the baby inside her womb even if she can produce the ovum or eggs.

So, as these two methods are frequently chosen by the infertile couples to have their own babies in conditions of infertility, we shall discuss more on them and find the differences as well. Let us explore more

More about surrogacy

It is a process in which a surrogate mother is hired by an infertile couple who are willing to carry their baby in her womb in cases where the original mother cannot carry the baby inside her womb.

There may be abnormalities with the mother’s uterus or she can have other issues due to which she cannot carry the child in her womb and she needs a surrogate mother to lend her womb to their baby.

In this procedure, eggs from the mother (who can produce) or any donor and the sperms from the father (who can produce) or from a donor is fertilized in vitro and transferred to the surrogate mother’s fallopian tube or uterus in the zygote condition to carry out the further process of reproduction and thereby the childbirth as well.

Therefore, the baby remains genetically the child of the original mother and father but is carried and delivered by the surrogate mother and the process is thus called surrogacy treatment.

More about test tube baby

Unlike the humorous assumption that a baby is born in the test tube in this process, it is a process in which the sperm and ovum from donors or original parents is fertilized outside of the body, i.e. in vitro fertilization and transferred back to the original mother who can carry or any surrogate mother for further reproduction process. This is done when either of the partners cannot produce the gametes or both of them are infertile.

To conclude

It is indeed a very disheartening fact when you acknowledge that you cannot give birth to a child through the biological or normal process. Every couple in this planet dreams of having a child of their own whom they can call their own blood but with the high rise in the statistics of infertile couples today, it is a concerning condition across the world.

Blame it on the everyday unhealthy lifestyle that today’s couples are leading or the clinical conditions due to which an individual suffers the condition of infertility, there is no other feeling more saddening than this that you are unable to give birth to a child.

But the rays of hope do not die today and we have got a handful of options to explore from when it comes to treat and deal with the condition of infertility.

So, even if it is disheartening to know that you are unable of childbirth, you must not be depressed and stressed with it and embrace the fact with ease and sincerity. The test tube baby center across the world is functioning well to provide the ray of hope to every infertile couple and you can always find your hope here!

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