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What is the difference between IVF and test-tube baby_

What is the difference between IVF and test tube baby?

From time immemorial, people believe in certain myths which surrounds their fertility health! Like women are responsible for the gender of a child, infertility is mainly female-oriented, a test-tube baby means that a baby or the embryo grows inside the test tube, and other such myths.

It is the era of digitization and developments and it would be pure foolishness if we, the people of this advanced era, still believe in such myths and do nothing about it. The topic we are going to discuss today is about the IVF and test tube baby differences. And to make it very clear- BOTH are the same process, just the term given by the people are different!

When we talk about infertility and its possible treatments and solutions, the first thing that comes in our mind is the IVF solutions. And it is the same as the test tube baby procedure.

Earlier, when people did not have these alpha terms to explain the infertility solutions, the easy and most convenient term to subject this procedure was to call it a test tube baby procedure as because most of these procedures take place inside the medical labs and test tubes definitely play a significant role in executing the same.

So, to make it very clear, there is no such difference between the IVF treatment and the test tube baby- both are processes to assist the infertile couples to produce their biological and non-biological child with the help of artificial means rather than the biological way!

Who all needs the IVF or test tube baby treatments?

Basically, every individual who has a problem in normal conceiving or processing normal childbirth needs an infertility treatment or IVF solution.

People who have unexplained infertility, have suffered multiple pregnancy loss, have blocked fallopian tubes, have erectile dysfunctioning, have low sperm count and other such various infertility woes are entitled to receive the IVF treatments which eventually helps them out in having their own child through the process.

Men who cannot produce sperm or have a lower sperm count can hire a sperm donor to fertilize the eggs of his female partner and vice versa. Thus, any individual suffering from infertility issues and having trouble to conceive or carry a baby is supposed to receive the IVF or test tube baby treatment.

What are the processes followed in the IVF/test tube baby infertility solutions?

Ivf process means in vitro fertilization which gradually depicts the fact that the fertilization of the gametes occurs outside of the female body and carried out in the lab using test tubes. Though technically the babies born via these processes may be termed as test-tube babies, actually there is no such scientific explanation for the same.

The step by step process includes administering infertility drugs and instigate stimulation of the gametes, egg retrieval or sperm retrieval process, fertilization of the gametes in vitro and transfer of the embryo into the fallopian tube or uterus of the original mother or the surrogate mother, performing ERA (endometrial receptivity analysis) to get the knowledge of the endometrial lining and its healthiness to receive the embryo, and finally the transfer of the embryo into the uterus or fallopian tubes of the woman. While all these processes are common in both the test tube baby and IVF treatment there is no such difference between the same.

What factors play a key role in improving the chances of a successful IVF pregnancy or a test tube baby delivery?

  • The age factor of the infertile individuals
  • History of previous pregnancies
  • The types of infertility problems of the individuals
  • The healthiness of donor eggs or donor sperm
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Ivf or test tube baby centre

All the above factors play a crucial role in deciding the sauces rates of the IVF process, without which it becomes very difficult to make the pregnancy happen which leads to successful childbirth.

The final take

We are living in such a time where the advancement in science and technology has brought hope in the lives of the infertile couples. There are a lot of treatment and solutions available for the infertile individuals through which they can experience the joy of parenthood at immeasurable extents.

The various kinds of treatment and solutions depend entirely on the condition of the individuals having problems with their fertility health. Depending upon their condition, the infertility experts subject them the suitable treatments for the same.

So, it is advised that you visit a gynaecologist for fertility expert as soon as you sense some problems with your reproductive system. The delayed time can bring out negative effects on the treatments so getting the treatment sooner is verily recommend. And as far as the difference between IVF and test tube baby is concerned- there is NO such difference, both are the same processes which just differs by the name!

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