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What are the Causes of Failed IVF Cycle

What are the Causes of Failed IVF Cycle?

Most of the time patients don’t understand that when egg and sperm is obtained and when doctors mix them in labs to get embryos. It is difficult for them to understand the reason of failure of IVF cycle. However, it is believed that the success of IVF is a variable of determinants like embryologist’s competence, the procedure execution, and lab factors. Astonishingly, even if these conditions are normal nearly half of the IVF procedures fail to yield desirable results.

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Embryo Implantation Failure

The inability of the embryo to attach in the uterine lining is one of the most common causes of IVF failure.  It is difficult to determine whether an embryonic deformity or uterine problem is deterring the success of an IVF procedure.  Infertility experts are of the opinion that created embryos often die within 5 days of transplant. Moreover, healthy embryos are also vulnerable to expiry after being transferred to the uterus. Chromosomal and genetic abnormalities can often make the embryos too weak for the IVF procedure. It is also possible that the embryo does not have enough cells to survive and grow.

Quality of Eggs

The success rate of embryo implantation is higher among women near the age of 35 where it is around 50 percent. While the success rate drops to 12 percent among women over the age of 40. Eggs of an aged woman may not be fit for conceiving and possibly could be the underlying reason for IVF failure.  In the given circumstances, if the uterus is free from problems than resorting to donor eggs will likely bring you more success.

Ovarian Response and Female Age

Age, Uterine health, and body’s response to IVF medications play an important role in determining the success of IVF.  Egg production from the ovary declines sharply after the age of 30. Prior to an IVF cycle, special medications are administered so that the ovary produces more eggs. The body’s response varies from one person to another. Considering that it responds well in producing more eggs the chances of IVF success increase dramatically.

Sperm Quality

In the fertilization process of the female egg, the sperm has a complex role to perform. Hence, it is imperative that they are motile, healthy, and present in large quantities.  Eggs and sperm have scientific receptors on their surface that facilitate their interaction. When this interaction takes place some special enzymes are released from the sperm head causing a hole in the egg’s outer membrane allowing the sperm to penetrate.

Apart from factors related to the chromosome, it is highly unlikely that sperms are responsible for IVF failure.  Being the Best IVF hospital in Thane, we can easily detect qualitative and quantitative problems with the sperm in a semen analysis procedure. If problems are found then patients have the alternatives of using donor sperm IVF or ICS i.e. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection


The causes of IVF failure may vary and is indeed difficult to diagnose. However, some common causes are age, sperm quality, egg health, condition of the uterus, etc.  It is imperative to formulate a treatment plan that will address the underlying problems and leverage the chances of success. No doubt, IVF failure is indeed a hard thing to deal with. Despondency or despair is not going to help your cause either. Get in touch with a competent and experienced infertility expert today.

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