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Unexplained Infertility-Causes and Treatment

Problems related to fertility are no longer taboo in India. However, a bigger drawback is lack of awareness among men and women regarding infertility and the various causes of it. A sizable section of infertility issues remains unexplained. This means that while a couple might have trouble conceiving their own child, the exact reasons for the failure are not clear. The absence of a precise diagnosis also holds back the doctor or fertility expert from recommending a line of treatment.

Among the most common causes of unexplained infertility is endometriosis. The condition causes an inflammation of the fimbria, which transports the egg through the fallopian tube, and creates an inhospitable environment in the womb. Both factors do not let fertilization take place which is a prerequisite for achieving pregnancy. Abnormalities of the fallopian tubes, like a total or partial blockage, doesn’t allow fertilization to happen by preventing the transportation of the egg. A growing section of reproductive age Indian women suffers from premature ovarian aging (POA), a condition marked by a lower than normal level of ovarian reserves. Certain women also suffer from immunological infertility, where the immune system treats sperm as foreign objects and destroys them.

Because of their unexplained nature, the treatment for these causes often starts with making lifestyle changes and persisting with timed sexual intercourse. However, when these measures do not lead to positive results even after a year, infertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI etc. offer couples the best chances of conceiving a child of their own.

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