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Tips to Cope with the Emotional Stress of IVF

Tips to Cope with the Emotional Stress of IVF

Having difficulty getting pregnant, coming to terms with infertility, going through the numerous infertility test procedures, treatments or even surgery can be overwhelming both emotionally and physically for the couple. The financial burden of the medical expenses can add to the infertility stress.

You may be struggling with many negative thoughts and feelings as you are coping with infertility stress. You may feel sad, angry, shameful, fearful, resentful and lonely. You are so preoccupied with your infertility problems that you lose interests in your normal activities. Don’t let these feelings get out of control.

Couples who are relaxed and stress free have higher rate to achieve conception. This is because of the effect of their condition and the hormones essential to conception are being produced without difficulty. Infertility treatments are sometime also stress causing procedures, couples undergoing some of these procedures may find it stress full which makes it more difficult to cure the infertility condition. Infertility stress is something that a couple should overcome and fight. This will help them make the conception more affective and easier to achieve.

Some experts may recommend practices like acupuncture before or after transferring the embryo to the uterus, and then IVF or in vitro fertilization is performed. Take note that infertility stress could really affect the infertility condition to worsen if not treated right away. Seek some medical help and advice to find stress reduction program best suited for you. Infertility condition is curable, and that seeking medical help and advice is the best first thing to do.

Couples need to identify what their individual and relationship stressors are and then work to minimize them. Counselling is always a good forum to air insecurities and find expert third party solutions.

Lots of sleep, relaxation, meditation, music, having fun as a couple, dealing with the worst case scenarios – can all help to relieve infertility stress, and can build a stronger bond than ever before.

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