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Study Shows Fertile Yoga Reduces Stress for Women in Fertility Treatment

Study Shows Fertile Yoga Reduces Stress for Women in Fertility Treatment

As per the results of recent studies, the problem of infertility is prevalent in more than 50 million couples all over the world. Nowadays, there are plenty of advertisements about much-fancied fertility treatment options, and women who are being diagnosed with such treatments are often troubled by a feeling of stress, depression, and hopelessness.

Reports from a newly conducted research suggest that women undergoing fertility treatments were imbibed with new hope, mental relief and calmness after attending a fertile yoga class.

Fertility experts believe that several patients opt out of the treatment due to overwhelming stress and feelings of discouragement. Patients who prematurely drop out of the treatment often have unrealistic expectations of quick results. Hence, they end up disappointed and feel low.

To persist with the infertility treatment, it is imperative to have a positive attitude filled with hope. It all comes down to stress reduction.

How can Fertile Yoga help?

Fertile Yoga incorporates two techniques for women who are undergoing fertility treatment. First, is a mental assertion of one minute, “I am fertile, capable, hopeful, resilient, strong, and healthy” Next, there are seven movement-oriented spinal exercise like backbend extension, forwarding flexion, lateral bends to the right and left, rotational twist to the left and right and axial extension.  

Fertile Yoga Experiment Results

Here, a sample size of 55 women was chosen to undergo different kinds of fertility treatments. They were given a complete set of the questionnaire before and after taking up “Fertile Yoga”. It had questions like sadness, stress level, level of hopefulness on a scale of zero to 10. Zero indicated nil stress, hope, and sadness, whereas 10 meant the zenith of hope, sadness, and stress.

The results showed a considerable decrease in sadness and stress, along with a positive attitude filled with hope following the yoga class for all age groups.

Links between infertility and stress

When it comes to reducing stress, yoga is very effective, and if there is any relation between stress and infertility, then Yoga will increase the likelihood of conceiving successfully. Depression and anxiety are quite high among women who are having difficulty in conceiving. It has been found that even women without fertility problems can have difficulty in conceiving. It is a mysterious process that is beyond our control.

There is a link between infertility and stress, which is complex, and medical science has not been able to decipher the implications. There is evidence to suggest that excessive secretion of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with ovulation. A lower level of stress hormone induces a positive mood and outlook, increasing the chances of treatment success.

A study conducted by Alice Domar, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School presents a strong case of boosting fertility by reducing stress through yoga and other methods. She started a fertility program at the Domar Center for Mind and Body Health in a facility provided by the Massachusetts General Hospital.

It was found that nearly 55 per cent of the patients were successful in conceiving after one year following active participation in a ten session program. Here, they were introduced to meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and other relaxation techniques.

Yoga is good for patients who are highly anxious, as found in patients suffering from infertility problems. Most of these patients are angry with their bodies for not being able to do what they want. Yoga enables them to connect well with their body.

Curing infertility through Fertile Yoga

Fertile Yoga is an open-source, free program for patients going through various stages of infertility treatment. The researchers involved with it abstained from clinical diagnosis for determining scales of stress, anxiety, sadness, and hope but instead highlighted purposefully the way a woman felt. In all age groups, it was found that yoga class helped them a lot in reducing stress. It was reported that under the circumstances, the patients would continue with their infertility treatment. Fertile Yoga works effectively in regulating hormone, reducing stress level, issues related to blood flow.

Yoga has far-reaching benefits and not just on reproductive health irrespective of an incidence of infertility problems. Stress is harmful physiologically if the body feels it is depleted of energy, then it will start to stop less important functions. One of these is reproduction.

The medical fraternity considers Yoga helpful for treating infertility because it diminishes stress. However, experts of applied yoga science perceive a broader benefit like it opens up the pelvic and hip areas and brings an improvement in the energy flow throughout the body.

Fertility clinic in Thane

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