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Progenesis fertility centre: The best IVF hospital in India

Infertility is a sensitive issue and the agony of the couple who is dealing with it is not easy to understand. Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience and insight that makes us address effectively. Infertility causes emotional suffering and that indeed serves to be a reason for disturbed physical health. When people with infertility come to us we often find that they are depressed and ashamed for their condition. This is because of the desperation to have a kid and the perceived meaning of the social stigma that they assume the society imposes on them.

How do we deal with depressed or agonized patients?

When people come to us with gloomy faces giving them hope and lifting up their mood is the first challenge for us. Not everyone has the mental strength to face the entire diagnostic and treatment process and they need to be motivated for that. When a patient arrives at our hospital we try to resolve the issue at the mental level first. In the beginning we aim at bringing them out of the blues caused by infertility and their own negative thoughts and emotions. This practically includes discussing with them with an open mind or deploying a psychologist for counselling. We give them emotional support and the confidence they have lost because of their infertility problem. Later on we explain them about IVF that is test tube baby treatment and how it can benefit them for having their own child. Patients are so relieved by our assistance that we have been featured many times in press media as the best IVF hospital.

How we provide treatment for infertility?

We follow all the standard clinical protocols and along with that we look through a wide view while addressing the patient. We try to rule out all the possible causes of their infertility unless we land up on a concrete conclusion. Once the diagnosis has been made we decide on whether IVF would be the best treatment option.

We have the best team of dedicated doctors, nurses and lab technicians who are experts at their jobs in the clinic. The efficiency of the staff and supporting team is the reason for our consistently high success rate for IVF. This has made us the best IVF hospital in India.

Technology plays a major role in treating infertility. Prognenesis infertility hospital has sophisticated arrangement of labs and equipment like a separate Andrology Lab, IVF lab, Ovum Pick up Operation Theatre, Embryo transfer. We take utmost care while providing treatments so that the patients experience least discomfort and pain during the incisive procedures. Providing more with less is the norm at Progenesis Infertility Centre.

IVF treatment and our success rates:

IVF—In-Vitro Fertilization is the medical term for test tube baby. It is the treatment option when a couple is not able to conceive naturally. We have an extensive experience of many years in IVF. It has been apparent through the success stories of our patients. The success rates of IVF pregnancy at Progenesis is above global average rate of IVF pregnancy. In fact, we have seen very good success rates in IVF because of the expertise we have acquired over the years.


We envy the “purely mechanical” approach in dealing with infertility and the IVF treatment. We focus on the overall support that the couples should get in dealing with infertility. The bond we make with the couple from the beginning builds trust in them about us and our treatments and because of that we get more accountable to the obligation of making their dream of parenthood come true. No wonder if our patients say that Progenesis fertility center is one of its kind and the best IVF hospital.

In the Media:

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Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Singapore)

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